Hobby to Profession, Looking for success stories

This was my life for 2 years. It was just like having any old job. Except longer hours, less job security, and terrible snacks always available (so you can be kept at the office working in a refined sugar-induced zombie like state)

YMMV of course but the complete loss of creative freedom, strict deadlines to meet, complete surrender of intellectual property, not being allowed to gam mak on the side...
Exactly what I imagined ... Life is too short to be a fat ass sugar zombie.

I found out that I can't stand any kind of computer job. Did that for 1.5 years. That was more than enough. Spent two summers in a bureau watching the sun shining from inside. Never again! Never ...

experience is key.
Experience + youth = master key!

Vampires' Dawn

When episode 1 already?

Probably this year, as you know.

- half of the music done
- most of the maps done
- most of the artworks done
- most of the charsets done

Content, intro and especially battle system still need some work.

A Demon Crystal Story

Is this you, "Zero the bird"?

I'm sad :(

I'm sad that Duke Nukem Forever came out before my game did ... -__-'

Hobby to Profession, Looking for success stories

Mister Big T is now known as Toumo_L and he's moved on from his past garbage and is now set on making nice commercial garbage.

Just a new member driving by :)

Hullo. Ich möchte diesen Teppich nicht kaufen, bitte!

Yume Nikki, .flow, Me, Yume Nisshi, etc. tilesets request

I am trying to make a Yume Nikki fangame
Dear God, please make it stop ... -__-'

If I recall, YN formatted all its image files as .xyz specifically so people COULDN'T steal them.
.XYZ-files never stopped any RMer from stealing them ... You don't even need that converter. The only thing you need is RPG Maker's import and export feature.


I should clean my real flat instead of cleaning rooms in a game ... :-O

The floor looks weird, by the way.


Is this even a game or more a tech-demo?


"Nana" is so washed-up ...