sweet semi-transparent blood

Bonjour !

Does that French site still exist?
Is Aedemphia still in the making?

Strictly For Commercial

~In the year 2525
if old man WIP's bitterness isn't still alive~

Strictly For Commercial

Looks like WIP is still a very bitter old man ...
Remaking this with a new engine would be MASSIVE amount of work for a guy who doesn't need the money, because he has a real job.

Whatever, just wanted to ask when the commercial version will be released ... o.O

Aorta Review

You have to give it one more extra star in honor of George Michael who just died last christmas. Yeah, the game features George Michael!

but every time you are impressed, something comes along and makes you wonder why you are still playing this.
At least you were impressed ...

Another day, another version...

It faded, because that engine sucks ...

And about game making: Waste of time.

Another day, another version...

I love this game .... and ... I wanna play it more
Should be on X-Box, Wii .... and the PS 4!

Tons of RM games come and go, they're nothing worth for me
cuz nothing's quite as satisfying than killing Shamalie!

I love this game .... and ... I wanna play it more
The only thing ... god ... gave us fingers for!


Didn't you learn anything at the Bundeswhore?

That question itself is even a joke. You learn more in every Sonderschwule than there!

And if I hit a "Scharmhaarlie", the bullet moves through his head or heart, damn it! Every freakin time! So he has to be dead immediatelly!!

Transparent background in PNG with Gimp

I didn't mean the "?"-key, but the "remove"-key (or whatever it is called on English keyboards ... maybe "delete" or "erase", don't know) ... -__- The one above the "backspace"-key.

Transparent background in PNG with Gimp

@ Deacon Batista
It works perfectly! How did you do it?

1. I selected the blue-red-green icon with that finger (in the tool box)
2. I left clicked on the color I wanted to become transparent
3. I clicked "Color"-->"Color to transparency" (5th option from the bottom) and clicked "OK"
4. I pressed the "Remove"(?) key on my keyboard (the one next to the "print" key, on its right side).
5. I clicked on "File"-->"export as..." (8th option from the bottom, the one with Alt+Ctrl+E) and exported it as .PNG