I for sure don't remember shit like that!
But they should die with only one hit! I mean: If you shoot at somebody in reality, he's freak dead with the first hit!

Transparent background in PNG with Gimp

Is this the way you want it or is it the way you have it?


Look, if you press 3 or 4 a complete list with all the key bindings appears again.

I know that! -,-

Thus you can save all the time on 3 I think.

I know that! -,-

The view strangely locks at the bunkers. But once you passed the first block of bunkers, it should be unlockable again.

You seriously uploaded the game although knowing about that bug?! Eliminate it!!

I'm not quite sure what you mean.

It's not my fault your brain works slower as my internet. (Woah, wieder fett kraß gedisst!)
When I press 3 or 4 I have to press ENTER (if you don't know which key that is: google it!) to make the picture disappear. That sucks! It has to be 3 or 4 again to make the list disappear, not ENTER!


Your newest game "Ragnarök"? ^^

Oh, and if you make a new menu with numbers instead of the standard menu, make sure the numbers are shown as a picture in the upper left the whole time. No freakin body can remember which number is for what function the whole time ... -,-
And how the fuck can I UNlock my view?
And you should make sure that the stuff on the number keys DISAPPEAR the same way it appeared (with the freakin same number keys, damn it!!).

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Don't forget:
- "Dooms" series

("NOACCEPTANCE" left this community, by the way ... He wrote me some kind of "good bye PM" years ago, revealing some names who kept hating in RMN's chatroom at that time).


You still don't worship my feedback! Looks like you are already a true RMNer!
You better show more respect, if you want me to go on ...

And I didn't guarantee the correctness of my feedback. Nor do I have the time to look all the shit up. But since you hella rushed your translation you can be glad I still found a handful of mistakes in the intro ...
And if that's not good enough for you, you can go to Ravenarsch and ask her to do it! I know you already hang out with her and all those other Mistkinders (like Senf-Kot) in Skype since the RMO children made you and Hauke their personal slaves.


I just checked the intro. Found some things I consider mistakes. Congratz, looks like your English is even lousier than mine!

"Our youngest HAS his first day at skool today."
"Insert the SAFETY ..."
"Be careful NOT TO BREAK anything."
"show some manners, baby brother." (comma is missing)
"Don't worry, my dear." (dot is missing)
"some of the hybrids developE ..."

But why asking me? Why don't you go to your beloved "Renvenarsch" again, so that you can disrespect my work afterwards while kissing her butt, just like 2 years ago?

And the key's name is "ENTER", damn it!


No, after you had forgotten to give it to me, you said something like "FU! I don't need you idiot anymore!!" ...

You bought the RPG Bumer MV. Now you need to make artworks, lots and looooooooooooooooots of artworks. (If you can't make 'em yourself, ask some of the autists from devianArt).

Artworks don't make a good game!


Damn ... I hate to admit it, but: You're right! D-X


Bad. Even the best stuff I saw made with Gamemaker looked quite disappointing ... These are just not the type of games I like to play. Remind me of the lame stuff made by "COP" or "Lackaffsen".

Still, if you make it commercial and rob dumb kids off their pocket money, you are a bad human being!