weird but interesting style ...


So do I, if you don't realease this game soon ... !

The Legend of the Dragon Phalix III

When the f*ck will this finally come out, d*mn it?!
Golbez, move your *ss back to RMN!


I love the RM 95 graphics!


Maybe he is still waiting for the day people get Makerscore for insulting others? Or for posting 1 liners?

But let's get back to the game: It is so good (unlike "The Adventure of a Dreckn") I would pay for it! So why not converting it to RM MV so that you can get kids' money who could play it at school on their Smartphones?


Use the whole textbox, man! This does not look like VX Aids by the way ... O.o


I will as soon as you reach a Makerscore of 20 ...

Just found motherlode of old RPGMAker Games

Looking for "Dooms" series by Mr. Big T ..

Oh, and "mario and sonic demo" (last WISAO winner ever!).


All of you 3 guys can't get rich with RM XP and will keep existing as goblins.
Get yourself real jobs and stop the gaming BS.

Oh, and I found some Mr. Big T stuff for you:
(Looks like he has disappointingly not moved on very much from his garbage past. But wait, it's commercial! So it must be awesome!! Give away your money!)


Oh, if you really think life is about winning the race, you are quite a pathetic person ...
Life is about making other beings happy. And we do that by making games for free.