There was a time when I had the highest Makerscore of all Europeans on this site.


picture wave effect (VX Ace)?

Does anybody know how I can make a picture "wave" in VX Ace? I the rotation effect, but no wave... :-(

Title textbox in VX Ace

How can I change the system set for the title in VX Ace?

Because this sucks:

Bug: Private Mode in Locker

In my locker I can't set files on "private" anymore. I guess it's a bug. I am using Firefox by the way.

Wooby RPG? :,-(

how to pay for VX Ace from Germany?

"idiot" (?) translator? y'know where?

gam pag

How is it possible to make backgrounds in gam pags semi transparent or even completely transparent?

RM God has joined RMN... some time ago

Before this subforum gets closed, I'll have to do this since I've never made an introduction topic and today is my birthday which started exactly 56 minutes ago (Deacon Time). So...

Moinsen, I'm Deacon. I'm from Germany, I am 23 for 56 minutes now. I love RPG Maker 2003. I joined RMN in late 2008. Check out my games please and I will check out yours. See you round here or in the chatroom.

Back in da hood! But...

Hi kids,

2 weeks ago I was watching TV and expected nothing evil, but then I suddenly saw a commercial for an internet stick that was perfect for me! I ordered it and it allows me to go into the internet with no monthly paying. Instead I pay for each hour I go into the net. This kind of conection is nothing for complete no-life fags that hang out in chat rooms all day long or watch some shit in the internet all the time, but for busy dudes like me it is perfect.
Flatrates suck for me because I always think "You have paid for it, so you should use it as often as possible." and that destroys my life! D-,X Still some thing are so fucking annoying to organize without having any possibility to go into the internet, that this kind of "emergency internet stick" is the best choice for me.
God bless the poor people who had to buy maps if they wanted to go somewhere... a long long time before the world wide web existed.

So I will go online, but not fulltime, but about 1 hour a week I guess. Also depends on if I need anything or not. But fact is I still exist. Not often, but I exist.
Why do I still use this account and didn't made a new one, because some, and I say "some", rude kids trolled and insulted me in my farewell topic? Because I am kinda addicted to my Makerscore and it will be nearly fix in the future since I won't be able to submit much more. Makerscore! Makerscore! Makerscore! Everybody wants it like money! It's the thing you live for, the thing that gives your virtual life a sense! God bless the Makerscore! "The Makerscore is strong in you, young Padawan."

Ich muss weg!

Hello RPG XP Unlimited.

Quite simply, I'm fed up of how I'm treated here, and I'm leaving. People constantly criticising what I say and insulting me and my games without even playing them first is not the reason I got into game making.
It's been a tough journey. I became known not because of games, but because of who I am as a person. I had fun meeting people all over "the RPG Maker Community". Some became friends and some became enemies. Yeah that's right i thought i might give this site another chance but yet again it is fucking shit. This place is like the new gaming world.. Anyway in conclusion i'm leaving forever but before i do heres am announcement. I HAVE LIED to you for years i am not a 22 year old good looking sporty successful clever son of a bitch. I am really 18 years old kid work at Mcdonalds and am one of the best web developers in the world. >:-0

Alright, now seriously... X,-DD :
I will move on Thursday to southern middle Germany, because I have to start working on 1st September. In my new flat I have no internetz and am not planning to get a new connection since the internet bores me anyway. And even IF I have to get new internet for studies, I won't have much more time to do some funny shit. So maybe I will sneak in one time or another from here and there, but fact is I will no longer be able to contribute stuff like games or reviews or whatever... :-(
As said, you now have 3 days about a week to celebrate here. From then on I can't see you anymore, because from that date on... it's over. ;__;

Oh, and keep the site running. :-A It's the only good RM site (no matter which country/language) I know.
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