Once I amass the entirety of the disconcertingly large amount of stock photos of people shooting strange objects, I will finally conquer this world.




Day 1: Linger
I've been here every day, without leaving, for years. Not that I'm complaining, I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. I have access to everything I need here. I can talk to my friends, I can see the world, order all the food I need. All from this small box.

Sometimes I wonder if I should leave. But that doesn't really make any sense. As much as I thought that it would hurt to stay here for too long, leaving might bring on even more pain. It has before. Regardless of everything, too, I can't think of anything out there that I can't access right here. Home is where the heart is, right?

I'll linger around here, just for a bit longer.

Day 2: Summer Highs
I was feeling the heat.

There was sweat covering my body- and the feeling of exhaustion and stress was consuming me. How long could I keep doing this? Not for very long, that's for sure. Summer was coming to a close- I would have kids to teach soon, and I couldn't give attention to this and them at the same time. How am I expected to educate people on chemistry if it was the very thing destroying me?

I checked the time. An hour had passed when I began those thoughts. A different kind of exhaustion came over me- this had to end, one way or another. It was something I had sought to resolve in myself many times before, but time was running out.

There was one week of Summer left, and I prayed that the heat would fade.

Day 3: Group of Friends
I entered the restaurant, wondering if this gathering would truly go how I expect it to. The stress of social anxiety filled my body- would this truly work out? We were seated, and immediately I realized my mistake.

My groupon was expired. I screamed out in the middle of the restaurant, my friends, judging me. But this is where I misunderstood our friendship. They suggested to fold the area of the groupon with the expiration date, as to possibly hide it from the employee. Would this truly work? Would we get our $10 off our meal for 4? Most of all, would they forgive me if it didn't?

When the employee arrives, I ask for a pancake and eggs.

"How would you like your eggs?"

Oh no. I had spent the last 5 minutes obsessing over the groupon, I was not prepared for this.

"Well-done" I say, in a panic.

After a blank stare from the employee, I correct myself.

"Uhhh, I mean, over-easy."

What the hell was wrong with me? My friends would remember this for years. I was the laughing stock of the group. I would never be respected again.

I hand in the paper, and amazingly, nobody stops me. We get our $10 off, but at the cost of embarrassing myself there. I turn to my friends as we walk out and apologize for almost messing everything up.

"It was a well-done gathering of a group of friends!" one says. We all laugh- and I realize how rare it is to have great friends like these.

Day 4: Escape the Dream
He wakes up.

A yawn was followed by the rubbing of eyes, followed by a stinging sensation. His hands were covered in ash. His room was burning around him. The boy smiled- his recurring dream occurred again. He hadn't woken up at all- this was all part of it.

His heart was beating fast, but he knew that too much excitement would result in waking up. Calm, he rose from bed to see the other rooms of his house. Despite his efforts, his heart rate slowly rose. The hall was in a blaze, with nobody occupying it. One by one, he checked the rooms. One by one, he became more excited and eager.

Each room he checked was empty of what he was looking for- but there was a single room left. The boy laughed, walked to the door, the handle blisteringly hot to the touch as he grabbed it, and when he turned it-

He woke up laughing. This was cut short by realizing that the dream was over. Now annoyed, he threw his covers off, and strolled right over to the room he had just attempted to enter.

Day 5: Memorial
The figure was built up to demonstrate their devotion. Despite being made extremely quickly by only a few people, it was intensely detailed and incredible in size. It was unbelievable, science could barely explain it.

Rivaling the wonders of the world, the structure became a massive tourist attraction. When the makers realized they could charge any price for admission, an absurdly high entry fee. Only the most wealthy could see it. Celebrities talked about the wonder of it all, the sheer magnitude of it annihilating their brain.

A few months after this, the cost of admittance was severely cut. Anybody of the middle class could now view the new peak of construction. It was the most popular tourist attraction, with the ground around it looking more like a sea of people than solid ground. People visited, multiple times a year, every year.

As the size of the constant never ending mob of people grew around the monument, a surprising decision was made, one that made no sense. The admission price was changed.

Not to nothing, but even less. A person would be paid to witness the structure. By all means, it made no sense, but it didn't matter. There was now no reason to spend all available time fawning over the monument.

Soon enough, the entirety of the world's population gathered. People were trampled over, it was mass hysteria and a flood of people for miles. Families were separated, people were starving from not focusing on anything but the memorial, and any sense of self or individuality was lost.

Until, finally, they all realized the true magnitude of what they were looking at.

Day 6: Blazing Sky

As I left the small shack I called home, I saw the sky was on fire.

Well, not really. It was unbelievably hot, though, with the distortion waves caused by heat covering most of my vision. It was so hot, in fact, that to survive for a reasonable amount of time outside, some sort of full-body suit was needed to protect a person from overheating.

I couldn't really afford anything fancy- I had a few layers of normal clothes with a trench coat on top, and a bunch of rags wrapped around my head. My entire body was covered in sweat, but it was still better than getting burned all over.

The heat began a few years ago- not from global warning, like most people thought would end the earth hundreds of years ago, but from an absolutely insane lad who claimed he could make a second sun in the sky. After headlines came out with titles such as "Absolute mad scientist claims he can make a 'Second Sun'" and the like, he was seen as a complete joke. Out of spite, though, he pursued his ambitions, and actually created it, with it orbiting right our main sun between Jupiter and Saturn.

Days were sporadic now, not really following any sort of pattern. It threw off earth's ecosystem and left humanity in shambles. Most people live near the poles of the earth, but I didn't really have money to do that, so I'm still here. In Florida. Right beside the equator, where it's hottest. Not the most desirable life.

I've been managing though. There's new rules of life in these conditions- black pavement is a danger zone that'll burn through shoes, fire or stoves aren't necessary for food due to the outside being a suitable cooking area, and abandoned supermarkets and stores were safe havens.

While thinking about all this, I heard some popping from my hands. Looking down at the bag I clutched in my glove, I saw it slowly expand. There was a slight smile under the rags covered my face.

The popcorn was ready.

Day 7: Morning Coffee

A morning coffee is, for some people, the highlight of their day.

Joe was one of those people. He drank it every day, the same way, in the same cup, at the same time- and this practice never got stale. It was a controllable constant in this world of chaos and unexpected things.

That said, Joe went through a lot of shady business that involved a lot of chaos, and, of course, unexpected events. He was the middle man in deals concerning packages of unspecified drug material between unspecified important individuals. It was a stressful job, but his morning coffee helped him through the day.

Today was different, though. As Joe prepared for his coffee, something was off. His coffee creamer container was empty.

Joe began sweating intensely. He looked at the time. 7:20 AM. There were packages on his counter that needed moved to a nonspecific new destination at 8:00 AM- but he couldn't do this without his coffee. He had enough time to run to the store to buy more coffee creamer.

Frantically, Joe drove to the store, going twice the speed limit. In record time, he used the self-check-out to buy the coffee creamer and drove home as if he were a bat out of hell.

Busting through the door and ready to start his day, he prepared his coffee, poured the coffee creamer, and ripped open a package of sugar to pour into his coffee.

Within 30 seconds, the coffee was finished, drank like a man who had just escaped a desert. Finally Joe could go about his day normally- but something felt off. That didn't taste like his normal coffee at all. It was as if he didn't add sugar at all to his coffee- because he didn't.

Oh no.

That was cocaine.

Swap in the Middle with Two

Since I originally uploaded a version of Just in Time that has a script error right near the beginning that crashed the game, I changed the download for it a while ago to fix that and make the game functional. The event page here seems to properly link to that since I just edited the original link on the game page, so anybody downloading it now shouldn't have any issue, but anyone who already had wouldn't be able to play past a few minutes, in case that happens to someone and they wonder why.

Other than that, I definitely did NOT get to fully polish everything... but it does (should) work functionally 'till the end. Just... maybe not as gracefully as I once envisioned.

Lavender said she was going to clean up my mess and also make it lore-compliant... which should be the far-superior version once that comes around. Don't know how long that version'll take, but it should be a great time, albeit farther away from the time of the event. Fantastic work to everybody who did manage time and their game well, though, it's going to be nice to play through all these.


I was initially worried that my acid-trip-esc ideas of crustacean escapades through Hell in an attempt to undo a deadly game of freeze tag were going to be a little too ridiculous for a second person to continue with, but Delsin exceeded any expectations I had with a brilliant second half equally crazy as mine. The perfect person to get the second half.

Obviously I'm biased to worship this game since the first half was made by myself, but I had a sensationally great time with playing through everything I hadn't seen- so I'd STRONGLY recommend playing everything through to the end. Or, rather, 3 ends...

Swap in the Middle with Two

Got the game page up earlier, uploaded everything with less than 10 minutes to spare. Which is appropriate, since the name of the game is literally "Just in Time"

Hope it works well near the end! Testing wasn't really an option near the end- something must've happened to my account clock to make it look like I had like 5 more hours than I really did. Not anyone's fault other than mine for not giving myself more insurance!

Anyways, here it is!

Swap in the Middle with Two

Now THIS sounds zany. It's gonna be scary to think about how my second half might have completely different ideals/ideas on design, or even a different interpretation on a lot of things. I'm sure that whoever I'll be the second half of is gonna be equally terrified, though. I'm excited.

I have 2000, 2003, XP, VX Ace, and MV.


Welcome! Hope you enjoy the community here.

Theme Roulette


I hadn't fully finished Chapelwaite when I wrote the review, but I have now. That was a crazy ride. I loved the random events happening, I genuinely thought I was going crazy, BUT once the motion blur happened I started to hate it. It started at some point when I went into the library and persisted through the entire rest of the game which was annoying. I had no idea what was going on here. As for Robert's journal, I didn't have any trouble finding it, but I could've also been lucky with finding everything.

I had to attempt the final Mausoleum sequence about 10 times before I got through it, and on one of them I went invisible and got sent out of bounds. I thought it was just part of the random insane events, but slowly realized that this was way less than intentional. The whole sequence was quite hard, and the only was I could get through was by dodging all the monsters leading up to the final worm man and getting lucky with the saber. I'd personally suggest more bandages (I used up all of them in the event where you rapidly lose health and then gain it back), and changing the death mechanic since sometimes a monster would just target Calvin or Charles (Sometimes Calvin's protect mechanic just wouldn't do anything) and it'd be an instant game over. I can see why you'd prefer it to be the way it is now, though.

Overall, this was still a fantastic game that I got pretty invested in. It was definitely overly ambitious, and there were issues that came from that, but just the fact that a game this filled to the brim with detail and content was made in the short time frame is amazing.

And my name is sadly not Dan

Theme Roulette

I was planning on dropping all my thoughts on the games at once, but due to getting my wisdom teeth out i'm way less functional than I expected I would be, so it'll be awhile until I get through all the games and have cohesive thoughts about them. I'll drop my current thoughts now and get to all the other games when I'm more physically and mentally able.

Chapelwaiten By StormCrow (Theme: Abomination)

It’s hard to go wrong with a Stephen King inspired game, and this is further proof of that. It has a detailed realistic kind of setting which works well in the spooky atmosphere the game has, since the dark house serves to cover up the sometimes unsettling nature of seeing realistic people move with the stiff blocky movements (This serves, instead, as an advantage, since the sometimes unsettling movement fits perfectly with the game). The very “real” setting makes this terrifying to go through, along with the ambient sound around the game. It's hard not to appreciate the sheer amount of ambition put into this.

The dialogue is great, not because it is written exclusively well by the creator, but because it is taken directly from the game’s base, Jerusalem’s Lot, and abridged into text that fits rpgmaker’s structure. The time that this must've saved went into making the environments high quality and up to the part. If you want to read a Stephen King book, but don’t like to grab a physical book to read, then this is a fantastic way to experience the story.
Doesn't mean you shouldn't read the book, too, though.

Utopia By MsterLouie (Theme: Utopia)

The user posted that this game was far from finished, so there’s not really much to say here. There’s a layout for a map, but nothing within it. If the game gets finished (They mentioned that they might, I believe) I’ll definitely return, though. Would love to see cities of gold, or even just how rpg elements would works with utopian concepts.

The Mountain By Mirin (Theme: Mount)

This game has an issue with “show, don’t tell” and takes it to a new extreme. The game starts with 2 children talking about a scary person, and then you walk through a forest and inevitably get stabbed for being that same scary person. There’s several ways to end the game, but there’s only one ending. Open a box? Get stabbed by your friend. Tell a joke? Get stabbed. Drink purifying water that cleanses the evil spirits inside? Stabbed. I went through all the possible options (unless there was some arbitrary other ending triggered by idling for 5 minutes, or something) and I all I got were knives in the back with the exact same ending dialogue.
It’s pretty clear that there wasn’t much time spent here, with how many events were copy/pasted throughout randomly. You get what was worked on here.

3f(Fox’s Fire Fetch) By Tale (Theme: Aurora Borealis)

Simple and pretty. There’s a few relaxing little quests that you do, and then it ends with a soothing video of the aurora borealis. Unless you wanted to meme on Steamed Hams i’m not sure what could be changed for the better other than some minor inconsequential things, like a little quest where you have to find a key in a corner that I spent way too much time being confused with, and there’s an old lady you lead up a mountain that would’ve been nice to watch the aurora borealis with. Other than those tiny complaints, this was a great time. Would recommend if you wanna relax for a few minutes. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were plenty of symbolism here I didn’t see due to being distracted by the pretty pictures, either.

Danmension (Again) By Deaflopist

LOVE DAT title screen.

Custom graphics? Noice? Hmm, I can't seem to actually walk left or right though, just kind of scuttle sideways like a crab.

I get that we're aiming for a minimalist graphical style here but...more differentiation between walls, floors, and ceilings would be nice. Everything is just a slightly differently shaded block that I don't know if I can walk on or not.

This seems like a depressingly hyper-quotidian world. Or deadpan black humor. Unsure.

One of my clients is asking for a discount? What? What is it I'm selling? How big of a discount? More information PLZ. Ah, but thou must.

Hahahaha. Ignore your coworker?


As soon as Color Dan shows up I'm feeling Rick & Morty vibes. Eyepatch Dan? Okay, that was definitely intentional then. Lovely homage to Rick And Morty here.

Ah, I see Dans are very flammable.

What is this "Zoom Out" camera move I saw here and in 3F? Is that just something you can do with MV, or is it a script? Anyway great reveal of the Kraken.

Man, this started weird and is just get weirder and weirder. I love it.

Ugh fuck algebra, I'm glad I'm not drunk while I'm playing this.

Beat it! That was really fun and entertaining. Very funny and even a little thought provoking, tickled the feels a bit. Overall probably my favoritest of the Roulette games I played. I'm really glad I could convince my computer it wasn't malware.

One thing, though: It. Is. Spelled. Deity.

Thanks for any criticism! There's definitely a lot that you mentioned that I would've liked to do better, but i'm glad the end product turned out well regardless. I tried to prioritize quality over length here, and there was a lot of dimensions that got cut because of that (Ideas like the Banana Bandanna dimensions will never exist, now) and I think that payed off. In the future I hope I can use the mistakes and successes to learn for more quality works going forward.
Thanks for calling me out on spelling deity horribly wrong so many times, by the way

Theme Roulette

DanmensionBy Deaflopist

Feels terrible to see my worst fear happen! It does confuse me though, since I can install it just fine from this page and I called up one of my friends to install it in an attempt to recreate that, but they didn't have any trouble running it either.

Whitelisting the file (Which can be done in McAfee within the properties of the on-access scanner, by selecting processes>Detection>Exclusions, according to a quick search) is the solution I can think of for you, if you're still interested. If McAfee deleted some files like some antivirus do, you'd have to reinstall it, but i'm fairly sure that won't be an issue. Sorry to see this happen, but I hope this resolves this!


Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here.
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