Once I amass the entirety of the disconcertingly large amount of stock photos of people shooting strange objects, I will finally conquer this world.


Hello! Excited to get into this community.

Hi! I've been working on my own game on and off for the past year, and I figured that it'd be hypocritical to expect ANY person to show interest in one of my works if I didn't get involved with other people's creations like the ones on this site. Because of that, i've been lurking around here and playing rpgmaker games from this community for awhile, and it's pretty impressive to see the sorts of things people make.

It is a bit threatening to see brilliant artists and people who've created amazing games in record time. All the talented people inspire me, though, and I hope that I can make some sort of positive impact here as well.

I'm looking forward to everything else in store with this place!
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