Eredia - Diary of Heroes

It's scrolling? Didn't work for me, but I guess sometimes, bugs may happen, not sure why...

I can see the enemy's HP bar, yes, I'm talking abut the Divine Barrier's bar, read my review properly again.

I have nothing else to say, so I'll continue playing again perhaps when I am free again. Until then, keep it updated so I can continue getting the latest versions with fixes and stuff.

Eredia - Diary of Heroes

Let's see what I've discovered so far in the demo, aye? I'm gonna list down from start to finish accordingly.


1. When showing music credits, I noticed it was too much for the screen to handle, perhaps cut it shorter?

2. Noticed these grammatical errors:
- bring it Pristilla's (At the beginning of the game, it was something like that, just double checking)

3. Tried to go east, said I should examine the body first. Even when I already did examine the body.

4. A delay before letting me choose an option during conversations would be nice. When it's too fast, I may tend to hit enter too quickly to the point whereby I accidentally pick the wrong choice.

5. There was once when I reloaded the game after a death, the auto dash was gone, weird... Not sure what triggered it. It was fine right after that however, somehow...

6. The soldier by the tree can somehow be skipped, intentional I suppose?

7. Grand Freeze and Thunder is a powerful magic, fire? Check your skill descriptions carefully.

8. Sword skills give me no description, which made me wonder what the skills were for... Does it hit multiple units? Does it stun? Does it have higher damage?

9. In town, when I talked to Kimber, the so called hyper energetic run a lot kid, I noticed that he still runs although you talked to him, which does not make any sense, at all...

10. I can somehow pick up items when I am on a cliff, it doesn't make sense...

11. The quest log wasn't updated when I needed to find the traitor for the bandits, which is bad because I have no idea where to find this traitor...

12. The sign board south from town had no descriptions, but the sign board up north has descriptions. Perhaps you forgot to set something?


1. A bloody triple attack from the horse knight is enough to destroy Vishael, what?! Yeah sure, I can use the divine barrier, but seriously, that's too much! In addition, there is no indicator on how much longer will the barrier last. Perhaps a small meter showing the barrier would at least remind me that it will be gone and I will be vulnerable again. A dual attack was also enough to almost kill Vishael.

2. Since it was easy to get murdered in one go because Vishael is the only healer, I noticed that the knights are way too overpowered. Consider not letting the knights one hit KO Vishael, especially since this is the very beginning of your game.

3. One of the first few quests involves killing slimes, and based on my level and current equipment, even with leather boots, a green slime can somehow destroy my main character with just one hit, which is crazy because it's the first few things I can only fight. The world map monsters are insanely hard by the way for now...

4. The bats in the cave are bastards, they can almost confirm poison me in battles, which is a bloody pain in the ass because if I intend to somehow grind if I am too weak, this is a major pain, especially since the poison continues to hurt you even when you walk. Perhaps lower the chance of poison a little? Not like it will help much since they come in huge numbers anyway...


- A windowed mode of the game would be nice, though not very necessary.

- When Grand Barrier is used, I'm not sure why a 0 must pop out when used, but if you want to keep it that way, it's fine. It's just a little weird, to me.

- Try to not use emoticons or slangs such as "Ok" because it makes your game unprofessional and less befitting for the game since it takes place in a fantasy world (Especially when the age is around the late 1400s, which doesn't make any sense...) but if you intend to keep it this way, I won't stop you.

- The transition from standard battle music to boss battle music was weird. Try to change the combat music to the boss battle music first before entering combat. That way, the transition will be better.

- Must I SERIOUSLY pay for a difficulty change? That's just pathetic! But if you really want it this way, I can't say much...

- The warp crystal was incredibly cool! Like how I could see the whole map of the town before teleporting!

- When I picked up an item from the wild, I noticed that the item doesn't go away, does that mean as time passes, the resource will be replenished? If not, why is the item still there? I understand if they are treasure chests, but not if they are small objects like herbs, but if you want to keep it that way, that's fine.

- I can't seem to walk to the left or to the right at the end of the bridge, which is a pain for me. However, that does not mean you can't do it, just saying because I felt that it's weird.

- Mini snippets on the top left of the screen were nice, however consider letting it run until the end even if I enter new places. Quite an unfortunate thing to suddenly see it disappear when I needed to walk to a new place quickly.

- The door that leads to a woman in the Inn will tell me that the door is open, that's fine. But telling me the same thing over and over? Well, not that it's wrong, it's just weird because why should you tell me the same thing over and over?


- For some reason, the girl at the bar can take water from a tile away, never knew she had such long arms...

- I tried separating the warriors away from each other from clashing swords. Kinda fun to see them slash each other even though they are 3 tiles apart from each other. I'd like to recruit them because they have such long arms :P

- Got bashed immediately by a bloody two horned unicorn for being too brave, even when pinky was there, he died. Guess that fella has to wait...

- There is a bloody pickaxe in the cave, why can't I pick it up?! Oh that's right, gotta spend 150 gold on my OWN pickaxe, how nice... :|

- I can sleep on my bed for free to heal, but 10 gold to rest in the Inn? Man screw that you scams!

Anyway, that's all I can say for now. So far, I'm stuck at the point whereby I need to find the traitor, so yeah that's pretty much it.

Rance - The Brutal Legend

First off, this isn't the super long epic RPG kind of game. This is a very short but painful game. Of course, if you set it to casual, maybe it won't destroy you but since I'm playing on hard mode, it's destroying me, a lot! D: It's hard mode, I'm not surprised if it's meant to kick me in the arsenal! The game provides you a wide array of equipment at the very beginning so all you have to do is think.

You are not supposed to grind, get strong and be level dependent. In fact, this game will test your skills in RPG. Yes, no grinding and crying over the same ol repetitive boring walk left and right hitting the enter button like a moron to get EXP. You are dealing with a game where your mind must be active while playing. You can't screw around at all. You have to seriously give all the attention on what's going on because if you don't, you'll get killed easily.

The best part of the game is each time a new battle starts, your HP and MP recovers instantly. That's good as it reminds me of Final Fantasy 13 where I don't have to keep healing my characters every damn time. Its convenient and I felt that it's necessary. You can't exploit the game too because you can never buy potions and spam them to death. You are limited to no potions and no revives. That is an extremely gruesome torture.

Most RPGs, you would at least have a Raise skill that brings a downed character back to the fight with at least 1HP. This game? Nope, forget it, you die, YOU DIE!!! Seriously, both characters you use in the game are seriously dependent. The moment one falls, you might as well shut it down and restart unless it's not a boss fight. It's pretty much equivalent to playing Dark Souls but in RPG form. It may even make Dark Souls look easy really. This game will test your patience, if you are on hard mode. I don't know for casual but on hard more, it's quite a Gatling gun of "Screw you!" bullets shot to your face.

The story is quite short, so don't expect much from it. In addition, this is just a prequel, so I didn't expect a very long novel like story anyway. You have this son of a bitch character called Rance and the poor slave called Sill and yes this game throw insults too. I swear to god if this game was actually released for the PS3 or some kind of other huge title, women are going to sue this game for women abuse! D: But whatever, this game isn't some kind of AAA grade game or something.

Gameplay wise, it's just like Final Fantasy. ATB Bar, wait attack and yeah you get what I mean. It's the typical combat style so I wasn't too lost in it. There's nothing much to say here. Graphics are fine, I don't see too many weird stuff happening really. There are a few notable glitches, but they don't destroy the game, like instantly crashing it so I'm 100% fine with this. There was that one glitch where I did not activate the battle between Sill and the Black Lotus. That could be a game breaking glitch.

Overall, I find this game fun and painful at the same time. Sure it's bloody hard, but it's not F@$# you hard. It's doable and that's enough for me to enjoy it. I was playing on hard mode, so I can't say the game is too hard due to the fact that there is casual mode.

This game gets a 9/10 from me. It's a good tactical and strategy game that requires your brain than your time. If you are interested in the story, just hit casual mode. If you are some sick hardcore maniac who is up for the challenge, play the hard or tactical mode. You can watch my Let's Plays as a guide or strategy if you keep losing :3

They are in livestreams 3 & 4
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