Indie dev behind THRONE: Final Twilight , the turn-based doomsday RPG .

I also participate in game jams occasionally, so let me know if you want to team up.

I do a little bit of everything, but I'm best at art and gameplay systems .

Contact me: DecentTreatmentDev (at)
The gripping and ominous twilight before humanity's end​




Such a crazy design. I love centipede stuff


Such a crazy design. I love centipede stuff


Loving this!!!

Oh my, new character portraits!


Digging this atmosphere! Keep up the good work!


i'm kinda surprised that you still revamp the graphics although it already looks good to me. can't wait to see how it ends up on the final result.

yeah, i could see that the game hadn't focused on the narrative in that version. i believed i have uncovered all dialogue options in the game but i couldn't make out the story at all (i got the gist of it but there weren't much to begin with). it's nice to see that you're already planning on how to make it better.

i can understand how people stop playing at the beginning after dying several times. i also got frustrated with the difficulty at first, not to the point of quitting though.

i didn't notice that you can use the chariot to not damage the floor. i mean, i kinda "cheated" and used it to pass through "broken" tiles to inspect the left wall once, but i never figured that you were meant to use it to pass the tiles.

i didn't have any problem with using the tarot since you can switch it on the battle without wasting your turn, but i can see how that could be annoying to some people. hope you'll make more features like this! by this, i mean the chariot, of course.

that's good to hear! the missing sfx were the most annoying ones. luckily i can disable it by copying and renaming other sound effects to the missing ones. i won't last playing the game if i had to click that retry button every minute because of it.

i just rechecked my notes and i noticed that i missed some things in the review (minor things though, not sure if you have fixed them or not):
- the character looks weird when they are walking since the feet moves too late
- the character selection when you select equipment in the menu is not clear enough. I thought the game freezed after you do that.
- lantern is automatically switched off every day even though you finished the day with the lantern on. IIRC, you also need to inspect the place where you can ignite the lantern twice instead of once because of this.

Right on! I'll get right to fixing these. Thanks for re-checking your notes.

Memories From a Dream

Looks great so far! can't wait to play :)


Hey. I just finished playing for today. I took a bunch of notes as I played, which are hidden down below. Many of the gripes are VERY minor - I just wrote down everything I thought of as I played in case it might help you. I haven't finished yet, so I will give my overall thoughts another time. I was very interested in this game when I heard about it today because the concept is very similar to a game I'm making called Memories From a Dream.

The presentation is wonderful. The font choice, message box graphics, music and graphics are all great.
The cursor isn't centered on all of the font icons, particularly the door/quit icon.
You might consider renaming the "Store" option at the blacksmith to "Shop". My first thought was that it's a "store items" option. That might just be me, though.
The framerate dips very low for me in the village. I'm not sure if this can be rectified.
When you are presented with the battle results, it would be great if you could make the status window behind it dissappear. It looks a bit sloppy as is, but it's not a big deal.
In the room where you learn about secret passages and hit the switch, it wasn't immediately clear to me that I was losing health despite the screen flashing. It might be helpful if you show an HP bar on screen as well while this is happening.
A switch to reset block puzzles if you render them unsolvable is always welcome, especially when there's not a quick way to leave the map and come back.
The bladespawn shouldn't be able to run across spike traps. I was left with very little health due to stepping on a spike trap and getting pushed on to another one, and the bladespawn kept chasing me and intiating battle. No matter how often I fleed, it was impossible to get away because the spike traps would be in my way. I got VERY lucky and managed my make my way back to the village with 1 HP left and not enough FP to flee another battle. It's nearly impossible to escape the bladespawn if necessary in the well. This could be rectified by making enemies wait slightly longer before they begin chasing you again, and by making it impossible for them to cross spike traps.
Once I rested, I nearly enjoyed the bladespawn fight a great bit. It taught me how to parry and hunker down very well. However, the thing still had a bit too much health, in my opinion, unless there's something I'm missing. Even with an optimal strategy (parry followed by hunker down; repeat until you need to heal) I could only just BARELY win due to running out of healing.
Once the Grikk Geists turned invisible, there was NOTHING I could do to damage them except use a firebomb. Is this intentional or did I miss something?
I gave up on the Oil Cave/bottom of the well. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to lower the spike wall found south of the healing mushroom. Now, I head south of town.
Don't take this following note too seriously, because this may be an uncommon opinion. I dislike pixel movement in RPG Maker games. I never think it looks quite right. It doesn't look like the character is taking steps when implemented, it instead looks like they are sliding and hovering all over the floor. I also find that it sometimes makes it harder to line up and activate events correctly. For example, I sometimes find it tricky to pick things up off of the floor because I'm not lined up correctly. I don't think pixel movement adds anything to RPG Maker games, at least in my experience. Again, this is basically just a mini-rant that you can ignore. I wouldn't let my dislike for pixel movement change my opinion of this game in any way.
The game crashed for me when I went down the rope in the northeast corner of the forest near the cabin. It completely stopped running unexpectedly without even an error message. I lost a ton of the progress from this due to the limited save mechanic so I will continue later. I think there's a lot about the game that I am not fully understanding yet, perhaps, but that's on me (I am always clueless during the first portions of games).
Overall impressions so far: Very, very promising. I am a huge fan of Dark Souls (I am going to take a wild guess and say that you are as well) so naturally I love playing games inspired by it.
The graphics are very nicely done. I especially like the monsters. Wonderful work.
One last thing - The introduction voiceover would sound AWESOME with a reverb or delay effect added. If you have access to audio software, give it a try. If you don't, feel free to send me the audio file if you'd like. I have experience in audio engineering and would be happy to help.

Sorry about the late reply! I'm glad you're enjoying the experience. I'll have to check out your project page as well.
Many of your observations are easy to fix. I'll get to them shortly.
I've been working on fixing the town framerate for a while now, and it's slowly getting better. Also, I'm remaking the character sprite with 8 directions, so hopefully the pixel movement will look better in the future.
Ghost enemies are only vulnerable to elemental damage. While there are hints of this in-game, I like the idea of players figuring this out themselves. Perhaps the problem is that people become too invested after breaking the Geists' skulls? People seem to read this specific thing as a problem, so I'll definitely adjust it moving forward.
Personally, I like the idea of barely escaping the well dungeon. A similar scenario happened on HawkZombie's stream a while back, and it was very exciting to see him run out with 1 health. However, losing progress is lame. In the future, players will respawn at their most recent altar, with the caveat that a moon will pass. (Think bonfires in dark souls, but 7 respawns) The next update will also have autosave/save on exit. Additionally, the crashes should be fixed. Overall, this should make for a much smoother experience. In the meantime, you should know the skill "Devil's Roar" causes a crash.
Throne is purposefully opaque, so don't feel like you're doing something wrong just exploring the island. In addition to this, what narrative direction there is is in the works-- what you're playing is an early tech demo.
Your intuition was correct that I'm a DS fan! A truly inspirational franchise. Thanks for the kind words, dethmetal! :)


Hey there, aquatorrent! I'm so happy to hear you played through 0.7, and even had a somewhat positive experience! I'll try give a thorough response, for both of us.

I'm glad you enjoy the UI because I've thought a lot about it over the past year or so of development. I'm still working to make it look and function better. For example, the next update features an illustrated inventory menu.
The other graphics have also been a labor of love for me, and continue to be refined. I'm redesigning some characters from the ground up currently, which hopefully will bring more eyes to the project.

I'll have to add subtitles to the opening speech at some point. It's likely that the intro will be changed, so I'll hold off on this until things are more solidified.
Yeah, the story is meant to be difficult to parse. Ideally, the final game should strike similar narrative chords to Dark Souls 1. To elaborate, a heavy mythology which drives players to uncover a story for themselves through item descriptions and NPC dialogue. Leaving room for players to derive their own meaning is an important element of this device. I'm in the process of learning how to make this work in my own style, so thank you for your patience.
I can see how establishing more evident context for limited time events would be beneficial. Partially, signposting like this will inform how a player manages their resources in Throne. Now that most gameplay systems are in place, I can focus on narrative issues more for future updates.

The Game
The combat has consistently been hard for people to understand during beginning parts of the game. A stronger warning and tutorial will be important to implement in the future, because this difficulty is often what causes people to stop playing.
Speaking of difficulty, the cracks in the cave need to be reworked. Ever since I implemented pixel movement, they have been a problem. To be noted, using the chariot allows you to run over the cracks without damaging them at all. Perhaps a revised description for the card which hints at this is an order.
I'm glad you liked The Chariot!! I really dig that idea too, but I'll probably change it to a non-tarot item in the future so players don't have to switch when they want to use one for battle.

You'll be happy to know that most of your criticisms are already taken care of for the next update, 1.8. For example, I've finally come up with an autosave system I'm happy with! Also, the crashes are gone.

Thanks for playing, and contributing your valuable feedback. If you think of any other suggestions, please don't hesitate to let me know :)

[RM2K3] RPG Maker 2003 facesets?

Beautiful artwork. I think I might have found someone I want to work with, but seriously, thanks for your interest.
Right on, thanks! Keep me in mind if you ever need something for another project.
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