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Mario vs. The Moon Base

the only cool thing about providing extra lives is it gives players something else to collect for that small hit of dopamine. but honestly there are other ways to provide that rush.

Michael Bay The Game

explosions fix everything


I love this screenshot

The RMW Chain Game Review

Oh for sure, if it had been spaced out accordingly it would've been awesometastic. And if it had been polished it would've been awesometastic. The Lens of Truth thing could've been a super neat mechanic if fully implemented. Now I wanna revisit this...

The RMW Chain Game Review

Good review and the rating is on point. It's an average RPG Maker game, on the whole. But I gotta say: it took a LOT of thought to wrap up the story in a quick and clean manner. I took over at the cutscenes before the well dungeon (the last "playable" dungeon where you get the lens of truth); before that point, the story was going in 1,000,000 different directions. The plotting in some of the earlier chapters was often contradictory, but I didn't even have to retcon things. It was quite the challenge to come up with a logical conclusion that wasn't like some deus ex machina. I'm very proud of the plotting there, as unsatisfying as it might be. Think of having to end the TV series Lost after Season 2 and having a week to write the script.

The game had a hard deadline due to some event so, yes, it was wrapped up rather quickly. Zeuzio even made a final dungeon but we just didn't have the time to fully implement it. If I had been around sooner I might've imposed more quality control, but that probably would've received backlash since part of the charm was the unpolished nature of the thing. If anything is unsatisfying, then so be it. Everyone had fun making it, and that's all that counts.

Critical Hit! (hali's review thread)

I mean, all I did was make the last two chapters lol (w/zeuzio) didn't want to suddenly change a bunch of stuff

Critical Hit! (hali's review thread)

back then people used to complain about file size and stuff. nobody has complained about this "minor impediment" before.

I Want to Bring Her Back to Life but I Don't Know Where to Start Review

I found the difficulty to be just right, but I may or may not be a masochist. (It's fine.)

owo what's this

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haha thanks :D probably the only good thing about this ancient demo, haha.