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Deckiller's Return
Deckiller's first completed game in almost two years! It's a short SMBX game, but loads of fun!



How do you design your dungeons?

I liken it to flinging paint against a wall and hope it sticks without spraying in my face too much.

There has to be a water puzzle in there somewhere by default.

McBacon Jam #4

Ziggy and I intend to work together. Room for one or two.

Full team!

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Good to see that this thread is still doing well :D

I recently overhauled Valera's game description. How does it read?

The economically powerful land of Valera has enjoyed stability for centuries. War is a thing of the past, unless one considers capitalism a form of warfare. Scores are settled through mergers and acquisitions, not bloodbath—with one notable exception. Instead of militia, Valera uses small groups of trained mercenaries to eliminate any liabilities that surface. The metaphorical "invisible hand" is not as invisible as one would think.

One such mercenary camp is ruthlessly attacked by a mysterious force deemed the "Butcher of Valera." One of the top mercenaries, Julian, suffers great loss in the slaughter and will stop at nothing until the Butcher is silenced. Circumstances lead Julian to the doorstep of an old enemy: Kaufman, leader of one of the most powerful merchant syndicates in all of Arum. Julian assumes that Kaufman is out for his own revenge for what Julian did to one of his supply facilities in the past.

With a clear enemy in his sights, things don't get any easier for Julian. For during his call to vengeance, Julian is repeatedly jarred by lucid dreams involving cryptic instructions from a shapeless spirit. These dreams—and the subtle message they bring—will be the catalyst that changes everything for Julian.

Second-in-command of the Bergeron Force, a group of mercenaries, Julian has been suffering greatly due to a series of tragic events. His ability to compartmentalize his darker emotions has kept him focused on work without any problems. Although he is able to remain sharp and positive most of the time, he is prone to occasional bouts of anger—though not to the extent of his comrade, Sarah. He is 37 years old.

A close ally of Julian and one of the few who can get under his skin without reprisal, Sarah is occasionally brash but intelligent enough to get the job done. Not as stoic as Julian, she tends to wear her emotions on her sleeve. Her skills as a martial artist surprise nobody given her personality. She is 28 years old.

One of the few foreigners in Bergeron Force, Trey hails from the land of Dermod, more than 1000 miles to the west of Valera. He is collected, curious, and analytical, providing sound advice only when necessary. He has developed proficiency in elemental abilities: a rare trait among mercenaries. He is 25 years old.

Justine is a supportive, yet misunderstood woman. She is worried about what others think of her, to the point where she is often treated with indifference. There is a degree of jealousy among all of the members of Bergeron Force, for many believe she gets special treatment as Bergeron's sister. She is often marginalized when her brother is not around, even though her skills as an archer and healer make her one of the most valuable members of the force. She has been thinking about leaving Bergeron Force for quite some time. She is 23 years old.

The founder of his band of mercenaries, Bergeron is a natural leader who is somewhat arrogant and instinctive. He counts on Julian and Trey as the voices of logic and reason—especially Trey. Despite his arrogance and boldness, he is prone to lapses of self confidence, which have placed a strain on his subordinates in the past. Little does everyone know that his personal struggles will soon come to a head. He is 29 years old.

One of the victims of the "Butcher of Valera", Jaal becomes comatose after suffering a severe stab wound. He is a friend of Julian's, though they have grown somewhat distant since an earlier incident at one of Kaufman's secret vaults. He is 30 years old.

One of Bergeron Force's most frequent targets, Kaufman is a greedy and corrupt businessman, merchant, and manipulator. Hated by Julian due to the vault incident, though one would suspect that the feeling is mutual. He is 51 years old.

Kaufman's second-in-command, Aderna is a hyper ambitious and sharp-minded woman from Thranik who is not afraid to speak her mind to her boss. She is 27 years old.

Valera is a turn-based RPG that uses elements of Yanfly's Gameplay Engine Ace. Regular battles are slightly more challenging and strategic than a typical RPG, and many bosses feature twists that require careful use of skills, elements, and status effects. The game emphasizes items: selling loot is the primary way of obtaining money, and the typical 'attack' command has been replaced with 'mug' to facilitate and encourage item acquisition. Most enemies have three items to steal; some of these items, such as the Gift Box and Money Bag, contain random rewards.

Each character has two skill subsets, as well as the 'Mug', 'Guard', and 'Use Item' options:

Julian: 'Cunning' (status-inflicting sword moves) and 'Impedimenta' (status/debuff magic)
Sarah: 'Martial Arts' (TP-based physical attacks) and 'Augmenta' (tanking/buff magic)
Trey: 'Swordplay' (various) and 'Elementa' (elemental magic).
Justine: 'Archery' (TBD) and 'Reficia' (healing magic).

There are three main dungeons in Valera: a mountain pass, an underground passage, and a watery tomb. In an attempt to streamline the game, most town interaction will occur on the world map. Field maps are completely explorable and feature a variety of puzzles, treasure chests, enemies, and NPCs. Completing an area in the final version will yield a special 'Care Package' based on a simple metric. Every opened treasure chest and defeated monster party will yield a point; vanquishing the boss under a certain number of turns will yield a ton of points. The more points collected, the better the care package.

How are we doing? A survey to help us improve RMN

Keep up the good work m80s I'll be watching comfortably from a distance :P

Stat Wars: Rouge One

oopsie my bad

President Trump

Lol, that's a... pretty lazy joke, Dec. It's like someone's impression of a story told to them secondhand by someone who saw some memes about Tumblr once but wasn't really paying attention.

And it's not like it has to be a big conspiracy like a movie. Governments interfering with each other happens all the time, we just think that United States is above it, lol. But considering how frequently the government bends to outside influence, whether it be from other gov'ts shaping us so our leaders will suit their liking, or American corporations threatening to take their jobs elsewhere unless our politics caters to them over the people.

of course it was lazy - it was 5am :D

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Deckiller that was painful to read - your opinions are bad and you should feel bad for wasting not only my time, but also your own time writing out that monster.

See the reason I know you're trolling is because nobody in their right mind would say that my last point is a bad opinion :P I mean, why force people to watch an anime and movie to understand an RPG's storyline...

Final Fantasy XV

square's head was so far up their round rectum with ff15 that you have to watch some anime and movie to get the plot of the game that (and which) is stupid

The world is not as large as I thought it would be. On the road to rhode island in this mediocre installment of a series who's quality has run inversely proportional to its pretentiousness. one would think limitations limit pretentiousness because you can only pretend so hard due to limitations preventing excessive pretentiousness. or wait isn't it the opposite? limitations increase pretentiousness which makes games more exciting and allows developers to spend more time and managers spending less of the budget not pretending to have good gameplay and instead making good gameplay

Writing gameplay mechanics into the narrative

Just do what basically every RPG and indiana jones does: ruins and other places are full of all sorts of puzzles and booby traps to deter progress and allow the in-universe architects a reason to get a little creative/sadistic.