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Deckiller's Return
Deckiller's first completed game in almost two years! It's a short SMBX game, but loads of fun!




congratulations to all who made it!

for those who didn't: oh well, life goes on :3

FF7 remake. It's a thing.

FF15's combat definitely didn't have even a single good idea.

I just want the ideas they had for FF7's combat to be executed better. I think that's all anyone who is annoyed about the drastic changes wants.

Yeah, FF7's combat was poorly made - offensive magic spells were mostly really uninteresting, physical materia was severely lacking, normal attacks were overpowered, the stat modifiers on materia didn't work, and the battles were so easy that none of those problems mattered. No one is gonna deny that. Most of the fun came from setting up your materia in cool ways and finding all sorts of different ways to break the game and become ridiculously overpowered.

But taking the same basic concept, trying to fix the problems with it, and making it enjoyable to a modern audience is what people want out of a remake. Starting over with something completely different isn't a remake. It's just a brand new, completely different, totally unrelated game that happens to have the same plot. (Or in all likelihood, a vaguely similar plot with the same characters.)

Sadly I get the feeling they are going to streamline materia, taking a lot of the fun out of character setup.

How are we doing? A survey to help us improve RMN

corfaisus are you a fan of pulp fiction?

they did a good job with the bible in that one

post your picture

haha, nice :D

FF7 remake. It's a thing.

xiii-3 is more tolerable than wannabe action game nonsense imo

very disappointing if it ends up like ff15's combat, which I found anemic, awkward, and boring

How are we doing? A survey to help us improve RMN

this is cute

FF7 remake. It's a thing.

oh thank god. I was worried it would be another ff15/kingdom hearts adaptation

How are we doing? A survey to help us improve RMN

heaven forbid that a hobby as time-consuming as gammak would take precedence over the forums

the style of moderation on the forums shouldn't really affect the rest of the site unless the drama spills over. and almost all rmn drama is super tame, even #shmupgate (and honestly they needed to break off anyway, for they had a different approach to gamedev)

emphasis should be on increasing activity on the game pages, not the forums.

ideally, our forums should be used for skill building, gammak theory, and so forth. not as a time waster. but I'm guilty of wasting a shit ton of time too so I don't wanna sound hypocritical.

edit: corf, why don't you go finish one of your brilliantly mapped games and network with some other developers to give/receive feedback? your projects have a ton of potential. the forums are supposed to be little distraction on the side, not the main event.

Curious game selection.

i mean they're not even asking for quest 64 quality

Quest Questers

super adorbs as usual :P