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Radiant Chain
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how are things going





love the tileset choice

Legion Saga MV [Mappers]

I'll msg you.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

Iridium is occasionally called "Iron Ore" btw.

Also, why does fighting that optional boss in the forest yield me inferior weapons for that point in the game?


Yeah, the tiling was improved. It forced you to make the SMB3 tiling a little 'chunkier' but it's probably fine.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

Just downloaded and seems very polished so far. Will keep playing when I get a chance. I'm in the first village and here are the only issues I've noticed so far:

- The intro, while polished, feels a little muted and lacks some sort of powerful hook. It's not a big deal, but it does feel a little underwhelming.
- I love the inclusion of the moogle charm; it'll help keep those random encounter haters at bay. Plus, it sells for a nice chunk of gold (which is what I used it for :p)
- Should rename "Gold" to "Gil", tbh.
- There's a decent amount of hidden stuff scattered about, but some of the gold rewards are small in proportion to the cost of these early items and gear. 20 gold won't even get me a potion, for instance.
- At one point, Reiner says to himself "why did you give me this rookie" or something. I recommend putting such thoughts in parenthesis; FF8 did this to great effect and I've always used it in my games to help differentiate thoughts from dialogue.
- So far, the dialogue is passable, though highly expository. The banter falls a little flat but it's still super early.

Edit: I played some more. NPCs were telling me that the seahorses would be way stronger than the other enemies, but they were pushovers! Very misleading :p

Edit 2: Cave seems fine, though a miniboss would've been nice.

Edit 3: Ixion was a complete pushover. Too easy, even for a first boss. Bolt's damage was passable (85 or so) but the physical attack should frankly hit for the same amount of damage, not 50 (or hit twice to random characters for 50 dmg to add a nice wrinkle). He also needs a powerful aoe attack (like his overdrive, Thor's Hammer) that does about 150 damage to both characters, as is the tradition for early FF boss fights. He should also have a flash attack that blinds someone; throw a Goggles in one of the chests nearby so that you can put it to use.

Perhaps a pattern like this: 1. Blinding Flash (30 dmg to one + blind), 2. Bolt (90 dmg to one), physical attack (50 damage twice to random characters), 4. Chargeup (no dmg, just warning), 5. Thor's Hammer (130-150 dmg to both characters) and repeat. Might want to bump up his HP by 200-400 or so just so players have to spend another turn to beat him, to ensure they see the entire pattern at level 3.


The terrain levels of the volcano are off kilter, but it's not a big deal.