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I'm an indie dev, Wikipedia administrator, former admin on, and a former Degica employee.

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Current Projects:
Legion Saga DX
Night of Marian
Untitled Secret Game
After waking up in a peculiar winter forest, Adfer must escape from its clutches while facing his inner demons.


Dumbing Down University

Figured I'd just share this and move on.

[Poll] SUPER BOWL 51

Describe the above poster's avatar in a 5-word sentence.

This could be a fun game. :) Let's begin!

Music/albums you love but everyone else hates

I gotta go with Under Wraps by Jethro Tull.

EVERYONE hates this album (even the band pretty sure) but I love it haha.

I Love Cornflakes

Review trading!

Hi everyone! As I slowly return to the community after a year and a half of (mostly) inactivity, I've been wanting to both gam mak and check out some projects that have passed me by in the interim.

The purpose of this thread is simple: review one of my projects and I'll review one of yours! (Preference would be the poor, reviewless souls). Let's spread the love around :)

2014 Indie Game Development Contest: $10,000 Grand Prize!

RPG Maker Web, in association with Humble Bundle, are proud to present to you:

Compete for huge money prizes ($10,000 grand prize), promotion of your game, or even a review from one of our celebrity judges! Check out all the details at the contest platform!

Also, we here at RMN are offering some front page exposure to some of the winners!

Paradigm Shift

Hi, y'all. Just a quick update. We've added someone else to the submissions team to help out: Liberty!

Solitayre, Kentona and I have gotten extremely busy at the same time and having an extra set of hands is always good. Welcome, Liberty! Don't piss her off; she WILL make you regret it ;)

Steam Workshop

For those of you who are looking for something kind of like RMN but on Steam, the folks over at RPG Maker have released an awesome integration with Steam Workshop! Check it out...but plz don't leave us, 'kay? Hello? Anybody left...?

In all seriousness, this will give you guys some even bigger reach beyond RMN. If you want to improve and get feedback, it's always good to expose your games to as many audiences as possible :)

Happy birthday, RPG Maker!

Today, February 15th, is RPG Maker Day!

In short, it's the day in which we are celebrating RPG Maker's 24th birthday. Obviously, we are celebrating with the "RM Venture" contest, which wraps up in just over a day! There's a lot more going on over at RPG Maker Web, though! Here's a run-down:

The main thread for RM's birthday bash: click here

RPG Maker Free Game Bundle 01: click here

RPG Maker Reflections Event: click here

Also, check out some various other updates at the RM Blog!