How goes the cutie slaying?

  • Decky
  • 10/26/2020 01:20 AM


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You'd think MZ would use a dictionary for switches/variables by now?
Excuse me, what—
Get with the times, Vaccaria! We've almost got 'em nice and dead.

It's going to take some real work, but I think we can make it.

We might end up having just a demo done for the event, but I'm going to try to push for at least something resembling a complete game.

I'm a dog pirate
Good luck :D I like the color choices for the different elevations. The darker tiles are usually on the bottom, but I think it looks good the way you have it.
I think it makes sense for the moss and slime to live on the lower tiles, since that's where standing water would settle.
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