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3/Within Temptation concert photos

Here are some pics of the second 3/Within Temptation concert I went to, at Terminal 5 in NYC. All I have are crapp(ier) cellphone pics from the first night, so I won't even bother. These were taken from my friend's phone; we were both at the barrier near the stage. The guitarist threw me a water bottle and I JUST missed out on his pick, heh.

First night was good, but the second night at Terminal 5 was unbelievable. One of the best concerts I've been to.

3 are awesome and need to be signed to a major record label. They are an interesting stylistic hybrid of Primus, Rush, Dream Theater, and Nirvana. Great stuff.

Their guitarist plays in front of a giant fan, as you can tell.

You can probably see the Nirvana/Grunge influence there...

Within Temptation were fantastic both nights, and Sharon Den Adel is even more beautiful in person.

Fanfiction from a 12-year-old Deckiller

From 2000-2003 - basically, from 6th to 9th grade - I wrote a boatload of absolutely godawful Star Wars fanfiction. Then I grew out of Star Wars. I recently developed a relapse of Starwarsholsm and went on the wayback machine to find my old fanfics. Here are some compelling excerpts piles of dog fecal matter:

Edit: I will smack anyone who thinks I'm proud of this.


Chapter 1
The Rising Factions

After 60 years, the Galactic Empire had finally healed itself.

Empress Jessira Palpitine, great granddaughter of the evil Emperor Palpitine, had formed a massive fleet within the sectors of Wild Space. A distant threat to the New Republic, indeed.

Dozens of years ago, the New Republic, with a mere thirty attack cruisers and only a few dozen fighter squads, had obliterated Darth Vader's personal Imperial fleet- led by the largest ship the Empire had. Not to mention, the most powerful superweapon ever created- the Death Star.

Vader's personal flagship, the SSD Executor, had crashed right into the Death Star, which forced the ships to retreat to the Inner Core systems , but not before the Rebels managed to eliminate the Death Star; along with the Emperor.

Several leaders stepped up to the plate for the Empire after that; all big failures. Leaders such as GA Thrawn, Captain Pellaeon, and Admiral Daala were now dead.

Finally, another Emperor, or rather Empress had taken over. The Imperial forces, now known as the Reborn Empire, swiftly stroke at several New Republic bases, including Bilbringi, Coruscant, and everywhere within Wild Space. But, a suspicious Imperial corporation leader could have fueled the entire war. Time would tell.

Baron Adel Lucavi stepped into the HoloCam chamber on his ISD II "Thrawn". Nearly 2 kilometers long, the ship was one of the best Kuat Drive Yards had to offer.

Lucavi was even smarter than Thrawn, even though his now dead father knew Thrawn personally. He had plans up his sleeve, and did not tolerate failure.

Immediately, Lucavi smiled, seeing the Jessira Palpitines face. A young leader, she was also a bit...too peace-loveing. Lucavi would fix that problem. He was smarter than she was.

"Ah, Jessira Palpitine, my Empress." Lucavi said. Why do you wish to make PEACE with some of those lesser groups other than the Rebels, such as the Hapes and Dictatorship of Chorios?"

"I am not like my grandfather, Lucavi. Peace is a good objective when you want to take over planets." she said, suspicious.

"I'd hate to bust your bubble, but I, as a Grand Moff and commander of over 100 Star Destroyers, will eliminate you if you do not surrender your throne to someone...more suitable."

"Control yourself before I kill you! My men are more powerful than just a lowly corporation leader like you." Palpitine said.

"Ah," the Baron remained calm. "You know little of your own Grand Moff. Goodbye." he cut the transmission.

It was nighttime where Jessira Palpitine was at her base located at Byss. She was ready for her evening meal right after that small talk with Lucavi.

She quickly sat down at her table and tied her napkin around her neck. The cooking droid came out and served her Mon Calamarian Calamari, as odd as the name sounded. It was dripping in a zesty juice.

"Smells good." she said, taking a bite.

"Mmm." she said again, just before collapsing to the floor, dead.

Adel Lucavi immediately contacted Mike Palpitine, Jessira's cousin. He was younger, but a more capable leader. Adel had plans for him too.

"Once the New Republic hears abut this, we will be embarrassed. Let's go take some Rebel targets. But I'm no emperor." he responded to Lucavi.

"Well, I will give you ten minutes to think it over. If not, I will take over the Empire." Lucavi said.

After ten minutes, Mike became the official Emperor of the Reborn Empire, appointing Adel as his second in command.

On the other side of the galaxy, James Youngwood stared out at his elite Hunters of his organization- the United Bounty Hunter's Federation. He now had thousands of troops, along with dozens of elite Hunters. The Federation itself controlled Mandalore, and Youngwood had military power of the entire Dryden Sector.

Lately they had been doing business with the Kuat Drive Yards. The KDY provided the private group with an Imperial Star Destroyer, along with dozens of fighters and defensives.

The UBHF base itself was a massive castle, with conference rooms, weapons lockers, private bedrooms, large War Rooms. Well defended, the UBHF base was almost impenetrable- if nothing happened to James Youngwood.

"Fellow bounty hunters. Our day has come! We have people wanting jobs in Sienar Fleet Systems, the Hutts, even the Kuat Drive Yards!"

"I have sent one of our best hunters, Hoshi Eingama, to Kuat. She is prepping her ship as we speak. Baron Adel Lucavi wants another hunter though. He says he will pay a couple thousand a week. Anyone want to go?" James looked at the collection of hunters in the conference room.

The bounty hunter Drossk, one of the best, didn't even think about it. He hated Lucavi. Nin Kraskig, the sith Bounty Hunter, spoke up. "I would like to take this job, but I want some action."

"Trust me," James said. "With Adel Lucavi, action follows him around."

Hoshi Eingama was probably the hottest bounty hunter in the galaxy. She made the Hapes look terrible. She thought this was another reason why the sith Nin Kraskig wanted to come.

Another reason was that she wanted to find who killed her parents when she was young. She would kill that person in a heartbeat.

They were en route in the STORM BLADE to Kuat. "ETA, 1 day." Hoshi has announced.

"Good," Nin Kraskig said. "We wont miss any "action". Youngwood better be right. I ain't just in it for the money."

"For what I know of this Adel Lucavi, he is mysterious. It seems only few people know his secrets." Hoshi said, prepping the ship for Hyperspace.

"Like Youngwood." Kraskig said.

Hoshi pulled the Hyperspace lever, and the stars expanded into starlines, faster than the speed of light.

"We better get some rest." Nin said. "Even though this will be a simple task."

Michael Raven, Adel's Fleet Admiral, sat down at a long table of the KDY and Cygnus Spaceworks leaders.

When Adel Lucavi took the company, Raven was shocked. The KDY was no empire! It was an Imperial group, yes, but still.

Raven commanded 64 Imperial Star Destroyers, nearly a quarter of the fleet, and all of Adel's forces. From his Star Destroyer Termination he had won many battles. But now he would give a scare Adel would never forget. He just needed some time.

"That will be all. But, one small announcement, my Bodyguards will be arriving any minute now, so don't be tempted to shoot their ship out of the sky" Lucavi said.

Raven left with the others, while Lucavi stood, thinking.

"This Hoshi Eingama...I wonder how she looks." he said to himself. He wouldn't dare having sex with her, since he was freedom Kuat. But...he could inseminate her....


The STORM BLADE arrived at Kuat just a few hours later. Adel Lucavi was there to meet his new bodyguards.

"Ah, welcome to Kuat Hoshi, I have a little thing to discuss with you. You may like it." he said immediately, than signaling his guard. "Bring Nin Kraskig to his quarters. This young lady and I have an issue to discuss."

"Lets talk over lunch." Hoshi said.

"Indeed." Adel replied. "There is a cafe a half a block away."

As they walked, a man stopped Hoshi.

"Hey, chick. What to you charge, 200 creds for a throw?" he laughed

Immediately, Hoshi got out her blaster, aimed, and shot the man in the head. He fell to the floor. "Been working on my aim," Hoshi said, smiling.

"Ah. I see." Adel said, grinning.

"You want me to carry your child?!" Hoshi yelled out loud. "Are you crazy?"

"Control yourself! I will bring James Youngwood here to see what he says about it. Perhaps we can think about a nice little deal, a larger one than that discount I gave him on his ISD."

"You and him PLANNED this?!" she said. Now she had second thoughts about Youngwood. And you."

"Dont worry, I will not have sex with you. I wouldn't dare. Besides, you will only be pregnant a month. I will take care of him."

"No." Hoshi said.

"How about double your salary, plus 10,000 credits under the table." Adel said.

"We will see when Youngwood gets here."

"Indeed," Adel said. "He will most likely agree."

"Lucavi, he is smart for a bounty hunter leader. Dont get your hopes up."

Pass-around game

Lock thread please!

Bruins/Canucks avatar bet

<Deckiller> if the canucks lose the series
<Deckiller> you must change your avatar to the bruins
<Deckiller> if the canucks win the series
<Deckiller> I will change my avatar
<Deckiller> deal?
<Deckiller> :P
<Deckiller> (for one week)
<kenton> sire
<kenton> sure
<Deckiller> this should be interesting

Just posting this as proof :D

I look forward to seeing the yellow and gold!

Review scoring: standardization, professionalism, etc.

This is a major issue that seems to affect much of the community whenever a harsh review is posted. Each time it comes up, the issue is either dropped or smothered. The issue is not necessarily with the content of reviews, but with the actual scoring. In other words, the score is either ridiculously low or ridiculously high relative to (1) the content of the review and (2) the standard throughout the site.

I've been discussing this issue with a lot of people over the last few months. There is such a wide range of opinions on what score signifies "average" or "subpar". Some people want RMN critics to review games on a strictly professional scale, in which a 2.5 out of 5 would be a standard attained by average pro games, let alone average RPG Maker games. Others feel that we should adapt the "game magazine" scoring system while still holding games to the amateur standard, in which case a 7.5/10 would likely be a middle-of-the-road score on the site.

Scoring is a direct reflection of the critic's philosophy. Some users who score low tend to hold these RPG Maker games to higher standards, encoraging the amateur designers to push themselves and their hobby so that they become the best. Other, more casual reviewers, are more considerate of the effort and the fact that it is a hobby with a steep learning curve. And there's a whole spectrum in between.

Scoring is the "bottom line", and we live in a bottom line society. We tend to measure everything by metrics and numbers, as they can be measured, standardized, and interpreted easily. The content of the review is most important to the developer, but the casual visitor seems to focus on the scores/averages (as well as the gamepage) when determining what to try - especially if they don't feel like sifting through a block of reviews. That is why this is an important issue that must be discussed.

Here is a place where we can discuss this tricky and multifaceted issue.

Homosexuality and the workplace

(This topic was not created to bolster entries to Kentona's thread about combining thread names).

Has anyone been notcing LGBT discrimination in the workplace? My company does a very good job avoiding such discrimination, but one of my cousins was just fired basically for being gay. I think part of it is just unprevantable - if you get enough people who dislike gays, they will call someone out on every minor mistake they make. And we all make mistakes...

Amateur footage of the April 27th Tornado Outbreak

This is some nasty footage. This tornado killed about 50 people and was one of the longest tracked twisters since 1925.

More to come as the storm chasers and amateur people continue uploading videos.

ITT: songs that would make great RPG boss themes

I'll start us off.

Cute dogs

I rest my case :)

Strange error in Manage Games

I've noticed this for a while, and it's finally messing with my wannabe OCD:

Any way to fix it?