I am a wanderer through time and the long-lost mirror that reflects a hundred years of strange meta-poetry. Perhaps one day you and I can walk through autumn and discuss a thousand different points of view.

So in other words, hey howdy hi!




No matter how many times you kill us, it will be only a fraction of the pain edward feels fro BELLAAAAAAAA in this still. It took a lot of debate over whether to have this as a teaser shot given the huge amount of plot it spoils.

Also, didn't get to say it before, but P4 = pure win. New av is pretty dang cool, too.

Fibonacci versus Maxwell

Why hallo thar!

Sorry that I don't post enough - that should all change soon, soon when all my real life worries are safely behind me and I retreat to my citadel of writings and ramblings! Whether that is awesome or whut-filled remains to be seen. Thanks for the comments tho!

[Community] Christmas Card

I would love to be in this. I haven't really posted much/had too much free time but I will figure something out that is clever(or at least not too dull), holiday-appropriate and filled with warm kombucha-like goodness. Just you wait and see! And in the interrim, I highly approve of this project.

Voice acting in games

Voice acting is actually something I generally enjoy - in most games. American professional voice acting has gotten much better in the recent years, and although that's not to say I'm entering the murky waters of the sub versus dub debate, I do enjoy it when voice acting is really good, or fits a certain character. Preferablly both. That being said...

Bad voice acting is terrible, and can cause a character that is otherwise fascinating or cool to become... Well, hopelessly lame, or turn a tragic figure into a laughing stock. And given how many things can go wrong in game creation, the variable of voice acting is one I'd generally skirt away from; but if a game came along that blew my ears away - in a good way - then that'd be swell!

Best RM Games you've Ever Played

Hmn... It's hard for me to think of what I'd add to such a list; I have plenty of favorite RM games, but when I think of the word best, I think of something with lots of appeal to diverse audiences.... So in short, I dunno if I'm qualified to throw out what I think are the 'best' games.

But hey, in the mean time, I choose Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden. Because someone took the time to add in an Al Bhed translation and that is dedication> something. Also, Yume Nikki ( <3 ), which is one of my favorite games of all times, Ghosts of Aliens, and perhaps other things to come as my terrible memory fires up.

Greetings from the far side of the world!

Heya! Guess my username is the Defective Detective, but you can just call me Defective, or Detective. Whichever is easier. I'm new to the site, but not new to RPG-makin', which I have been in a love-hate relationship with for aeons upon aeons. Which is also, coincidentally my age. Mostly, I use RM2k and 2003 for my modern work, although I have also been known to mess around in Python and that's literally what it is. Games are something that stirs my soul; I think they're an artform, a storytelling medium, and just plain awesome. My fave genres? Surrealism, survival horror, adventure. Really, though, I'll play anything, especially if it stirs my little grey cells.

Other things that I'm interested in are bad b-movies, writing down my dreams and such, amateur detective work, amateur conspiracy theories, and violin scratchening! Fave games? Hmn, that's a hard one that changes from day to day. Perenial faves are Earthbound, Beyond Good and Evil, the Half Life and Silent Hill series, and the Ring - Er, wait, that last one isn't a game. Scratch that one off and replace with No More Heroes and I wanna be the guy. Well, there's loads more, but just ask if you want to know; I look forward to meeting ya all, and trading tips, tricks, and ideas. See ya around!

P.S. Tardis and I know each other - he is an awesome individual, and you have my word o' honor on that.
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