I am a wanderer through time and the long-lost mirror that reflects a hundred years of strange meta-poetry. Perhaps one day you and I can walk through autumn and discuss a thousand different points of view.

So in other words, hey howdy hi!


Greetings from the far side of the world!

Heya! Guess my username is the Defective Detective, but you can just call me Defective, or Detective. Whichever is easier. I'm new to the site, but not new to RPG-makin', which I have been in a love-hate relationship with for aeons upon aeons. Which is also, coincidentally my age. Mostly, I use RM2k and 2003 for my modern work, although I have also been known to mess around in Python and that's literally what it is. Games are something that stirs my soul; I think they're an artform, a storytelling medium, and just plain awesome. My fave genres? Surrealism, survival horror, adventure. Really, though, I'll play anything, especially if it stirs my little grey cells.

Other things that I'm interested in are bad b-movies, writing down my dreams and such, amateur detective work, amateur conspiracy theories, and violin scratchening! Fave games? Hmn, that's a hard one that changes from day to day. Perenial faves are Earthbound, Beyond Good and Evil, the Half Life and Silent Hill series, and the Ring - Er, wait, that last one isn't a game. Scratch that one off and replace with No More Heroes and I wanna be the guy. Well, there's loads more, but just ask if you want to know; I look forward to meeting ya all, and trading tips, tricks, and ideas. See ya around!

P.S. Tardis and I know each other - he is an awesome individual, and you have my word o' honor on that.
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