Seasons for Seasons
A story of second chances and lost opportunities as the fates of a clock maker and a farm lad intertwine. Features job class system.



Remnants of Isolation

This was a delightful play. I really liked the magic system.

Seasons for Seasons

Thanks for the sub. I am still working on the game. I haven't had as much time recently and it may be a bit before the next update, but it certainly isn't dropped.

Seasons for Seasons

Now.....Ive been promised a wonderful harvest but dont know what to do next. Everyone is fast asleep and the stranger is nowhere to seen. I cant go into the city either. What to do, what to do?

The rest of the family is asleep. Maybe it's time to go to bed as well.

I have two issues with this game. The first is around where you have frogs and chickens (and after you set up tent for the night), there is a ledge you can enter directly from the side instead of from the stairs. Also, when I was near the side enemies could sometimes attack me.

Second... I have no idea how to get the rope hanging over the waterfall. I can't push the rocks either so I'm stuck.

Thank you for pointing those items out. I found the error with the stairs and it will be fixed in the next build. As far as enemies starting battles from the side, I am not sure how to implement an easy fix to this since I am using a range view script to initiate battles. So, sometimes an enemy on a higher ledge is able to start a battle currently. I have an idea of a way to avoid this, but it is not a quick fix at the moment, but I may implement it later.

As far as the rope:

If you can't get the rope from below, you can try to get the rope from above.

Seasons for Seasons

In Windows XP you should be able to install them by pasting the files into the Windows font folder. It's normally located in C:\windows\fonts

Seasons for Seasons

Both of the fonts are in the Fonts folder. They do not automatically kick in, but will need to be installed.

In order to install the fonts, go to the Fonts folder, right click on the Fonts and select install (assuming you are using Windows 7). The method may be different for another operating system.

Seasons for Seasons

Thank you for the comment, Seeric. It's a fair point that it does take a little while to get to the first battle. That concerned me, and it was a matter I raised with my playtesters. But they all said as you did that the story kept them engaged enough that it wasn't important.

I still have to play To The Moon, but I have always been deeply impressed by Kan Gao's other work, so I take that as quite a compliment.

Thank you for pointing out the issue with the stairs. I suppose I never found it odd myself. That will be corrected in the next build. As far as flavor text, this is something I would like to add, but I have been focusing on other aspects of the game before going back to add these in.

Which message system do you guys think I should use?

Is there a way to put the face in the second version? That is my preferred method.

I do like the smaller boxes over characters heads. I don't mind the text jumping around at all. I think it helps the player to associate the text with the sprite currently speaking. Some scripts even have a comic icon pointing to the character speaking. I suppose it boils down to preference. I'm not sure what people in general like.

If it's a choice between the first and the second without a face picture, I personally find it a tossup.

Blood Shard

I played the demo for RSW and here are my thoughts.

The mapping is excellent. I do sometimes have trouble telling where I can walk and where I can't. At some times it didn't make much sense, but maybe that's a quirk of parallax mapping.

Outside the hideout, I tried to talk to a bunny and the game crashed with an undefined method error for add_units.

I found the plot a bit hard to follow with a lot of information being given to the player so early. I have always had a hard time with political intrigue stories though, but that is more about my preferences in a story than the game itself.

The boss battles were more difficult than I would expect for so early in the game. I felt like Riffolk was largely useless in the battle against the helicopter. I also felt like I didn't have many useful skills when fighting the Vrahl. The only damaging spell, Bolt, was resisted. I ended up killing it with normal attacks. I did kill it on the first try though, so it wasn't too difficult.

I like the instant use items and probably wouldn't have survived without them.

I don't recall much in the way of typos or punctuation errors, but I do believe 'artifice' was spelled 'artefice' in the scene where Miranda had the king captured.

Do characters gain experience? I didn't see any place where this occurred. I am guessing there is a customized system for increasing in power.

Musical selections were good.

My play time at the end of the demo was 1:04:15 just before the final boss fight and scene.

Overall, it was a fun play and I am looking forward to more.

Release Something Weekend Feedback!

The game didn't make a great deal of sense. Sometimes the first battle would kill the character. I tried it on all three characters, but died in one to three battles.

I only ever received 5 HP at a time to heal. In one run, I found three hearts, each healing 5HP, when the character had a max HP of 90.

Part of it just seems to be random luck. Going into a room with a monster forces you to fight whatever is in there, even if you have almost no life left. Perhaps there is a way to heal more, but I never found it before I died.

Maybe I am missing something, but currently the game seems rather unfair and doesn't offer much explanation as to what to do.

All that being said, it was a rather interesting play and it is nice to see a non-Enterbrain engine being used. I think this could be a rather fun play with some adjustments.

Demo Feedback

I just played through your demo and here are my impressions.

I like the idea of the girl having to go save her pet cat.

The demo did have lots of spelling and punctuation mishaps.

Dreadful was spelled 'dreadfull'.
Butt was spelled 'but'.
There are many places where commas are missing.
Also, spaces are often missing before the next sentence.

Also, the text was oftentimes cut off when I played. I could still figure out what they were saying, but it did detract from the experience.

Is there a menu to the game? I couldn't access it.

Music fit well. I did like the outside snowy music.

I liked how the sprites were a bit different from the normal VX rtp.

Overall, I would say this game has a cute start, but could use a bit of polishing. I am curious to see more.
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