Feedback Appreciated

Oh my word I would adore if this game turned into it's own series. And for a first attempt it was very good and really unique in my opinion.

What my problem with this game is more of a nitpick. And really it doesn't make the game any less great than it is or hurt the game. But my problem. Well... It's the lack of being able to examine objects like in other horror games. Like looking and being able to examine almost anything. Obviously you can't do that if you're being chased and clearly every box lying shouldn't need to be examined.
Honestly, if this were a different horror game with a more natural plot, I wouldn't be bothered too much. But with Castle Red there is a LOT of weird things happening. There's a lot going on and the story and events are bizarre and creepy. And I feel if we were able to examine things, it could add to the atmosphere. Like examining some bookshelves would mention things about worms and the protagonist commenting on having no idea what the text is talking about. I remember backtracking to the library and seeing scratch marks on the floor. There's a lone teddy bear in one of the halls. In the hedge maze the plants with heads on them. Signs around the castle but you couldn't read them unless they sparkled. There's one room that looks like the bed was moved with blood round one of the corners.
I feel if we were able to examine almost anything around the castle, it could help make the world we're placed in more Like examining statues could describe how it gives off unpleasant feelings, maybe there could be descriptions on what was on some of the shelves, describing the contents of a bookcase, giving a description of the alters, or have Johnathan comment on how he feels about some of the things he examines as well. Maybe even examining certain objects could mention how there was a worm on a statue, moving round a shelf, or ect.
You don't have to do it of course and it's not going to be bad if you don't. But in my opinion, when there are horror games involving other worlds and bizzarre locations and events, examining and searching and looking at things can benefit the atmosphere and setting. And Castle Red has a very great setting. I am probably wrong or confused about what I'm saying, but I think being able to seach/look/examine things would be a little improvement.

Then again I'm no game developer myself so I don't know wether this is a good idea or not.

Chapter Four's sneak peek! and Nightmare Of The Snow anniversary!

Oh wow it's been a year already? I still remember when this was pretty new! :3

Character Sprites - Cute or 'Realistic'?

I think I prefer the cuter anime style :3 (the one on the left)

Thinking of a second beta, a demo version probably.

I saw some of the pics and the new designs seem much better! Can't wait to see more!

Collectibles - Memories

So pretty much like the Memory collectibles from Alice; Madness Returns only more in depth and more important to the story? In my view it sounds like a really nice idea and I'd give it a shot.

Dumb or Daring?

I think that sounds like a pretty good idea. So it's basically a 'Scene selct' thing, right?

Dumb or Daring?

I think the ability to save would really be a good idea to put in. Like Nemica said, I think no saving would be better for a small game, even if there's no game over. It sounds like it would be a huge pain to get 45 minutes into the game, then have to redo everything due to something coming up or if you're computer freezes or something. I would definitely suggest adding the ability to save.
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