Wow this looks really awesome.


Oh dear word, this all looks beautiful.


Well, there seems to be demand, so I may remake this in Ace at a later date :)

That's good to hear ^^
I always thought this game sounded interesting. :3

Little and Red

So, out of curiosity, will this be a planned series of Fairy Tale themed games? :3


This is a pretty interesting idea. Not sure why we don't already have a 'horror at the dentist' themed already. :P

Anyways, I'm loking forward to this! It looks like it's worth checking out. ^^

Little and Red

I absolutely love Fairy Tales and things like that. It sounds pretty interesting!
I'll be sure to give it a try as soon as a download is put up :3


This sounds like a really interesting plot and idea. I will definitely be looking forward to this!

Mirror Mirror

I found this game not to long ago and I gave it a try. I have gotten up to the rooftop scene. So far I really like this game.


This really sounds like a pretty awesome project and it soudns like it will be real fun.

I've heard of this manga, but haven't read it yet (I was waiting to get done with all the Junji Ito Horror Collection manga). But hearing this'll be based, even if its based loosley, this makes me want to go ahead and give the manga a even more. x3


So I just gave the demo a try and I liked the story and pretty much everything I've seen so far. :3
So will sanity have effect on the gameplay?