Working on too many things at once. Have a game in the works, learning keyboard/piano, dealing with health problems/winter, and watching youtube.
The Sunset Sheriff
The Adventures of Sheriff Libby



15 Years of RMN

I think I found a bug:
The chests containing the Sword of Light and the Power Suit can be opened each time you enter the map where they are.

Oops, >.> oh well it won't affect balance, but I'll note it for post event release update. Also thanks for the heads up.

Libby, I went for 5 hours, 5 spells, 5 characters, 5 maps, 5 items/equipment, 5 collectibles...And the Mambo Number 5.

15 Years of RMN

5 hour gam done! If you wanna know who the characters are/see more of Malice, play Legends of Perren- Task of Malice! All 5s are in the Sideventure, can you find all the secrets?! They're in plain sight.

Tweaked some balance numbers a bit and re-uploaded, should make physical attacks more useful and one spell more efficient.

Pet Photos

Shodan contemplate destroying humanity...after they get her tuna.

Godslayers: Kentrou to Skia Review

Hey Addict, glad you enjoyed it! Yeah I was really hurting for time during the event. It was definitely overly ambitious and I had to cut out...3 or more...pretty big sections of the game. 1 before you get to the ship (I think the characters talk a little about it as they get to the port town), another while you break into the final town, and another some place in the middles I think? Another thing that ate up many hours of time was the teleport system for the mountain. So many nested switches and checks and after I got it working I swore off making anything as complex in 2k/3 every again, lol. Being able to use script calls or custom variables would have simplified it a ton and if the game was made in MV it would have taken less than half the time and there would have been a lot more combat balance and skill variety. The futuristic enemies are from an RPG Maker 95 thing I think, they might be still available but not sure tho. I hadn't used 2k3 much before this event, I think Malice was made in 2k, and its definitely slower going than later engines as well. Oh and this event got me experience with editing and importing assets to the 2k3 engine...its kinda rough. Editing Malice was easy since I just had to use the base 2k sprites and do some simple indexing and editing and whatnot.

The forums have finally been deleted! (WIPs final wish)

You could say that the forums were in progress.

Muffle's 1-Dungeon RPG Game Jam!

There is 24 hours left! You can dewit!

Muffle's 1-Dungeon RPG Game Jam!

Woot! Uploaded in time. I'm pretty sure both game modes are completable, but if in doubt try it out. *then let me know so can fix*

Why are these forums relatively inactive?

I don't use Discord much for anything but isn't it just the latest evolution of a chatroom?
It strikes me as useful for the members who want to focus on social interaction and immediate feedback. It's a complement, not a replacement.

The forum is better for other things, like keeping track of a specific discussion and new threads and increasing their visibility, which is very useful to me as an artist who gets most of his commissions from the Job Board.

Also, why doesn't RMN have a TikTok account yet? :P

Donation goals to get Libby and Avee to do those TikTok dances that are popular with the kids. Hello fellow children, we are hip with the hop.

Avee doesn't use Discord because she can't have animated schoolgirl avatar.

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

Aww, thanks kiyasu! It's very cute and stylish!

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

My Secret Santa did a review of Icecream Island War, which was my second? game made in SRPG Studio. The mapping shows lol. The review was fair and notes it is basically RTP assets, which was because there was a gammak event time limit and adding custom battlers to the engine takes a ton of time. I think the only script/plugin stuff I used besides to make the chips-glasses conversion event even manageable was the final boss having the only aoe attack in the game. Thank you to the Secret Santa!