Working on too many things at once. Have a game in the works, learning keyboard/piano, dealing with health problems/winter, and watching youtube.
The Sunset Sheriff
The Adventures of Sheriff Libby



About what happened in the "About what happened in the "2021 MISAOS - THOUGHTS, IDEAS, PLANS" thread" thread

While not a "group hug" shot...

...this screencap is still heartwarming as fuck.

BurntToast hugs his nemesis. 1078, colorized.

You're fine, Kentona. You are the only Kentone for RMN. You don't get upset when the RMN House's basement leaks and makes the living room wet.

2021 Gaming Diary

There's 11 endings in my game I think.

1 good end, 1 'good' end, 1 patreon end *gimme 15 a month to unlock plz*, Dennis end, Dennis Friend end, and 6 bad ends. I think.

Also making player interaction in Twine is a pain. If only Ren'py could make smol files.

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

Uploaded a fixed version. Garage found a bug I thought I fixed but it didn't save it. >.> Thanks Garage!

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

Phew, gam done. It's possibly 10 minutes if you don't skim read and you get all the endings. Bonus time if you get lost or find bugs. First time using Twine...not easy to do semi complex or looping stuff. If size wasn't an issue I definitely would have used VNM or Ren'py heh.

Release Maker Birthday~

My screensaver window plugin for MV. I'll add the demo project to show off how it works probably on the weekend. The power of infini-Ralph will be uncloaked!

Release Maker Birthday~

edit: oops, >.> I can't delete this post.

Release Maker Birthday~

Screensaver window plugin just pending page approval. Also have a demo game to show it in use in the normal game field.

excellent page snipe

lol there's a defect in the event admin page that prevents both game media and game review being selected as options at the same time.

so uh..... for now make a BIG POST HERE with your review submissions to this event!

I hope you put your TOP MEN on it. TOP MEN.

Lonely Hearts ~~~ 2021 Valentine's Pixels

Thonks, I'll take Heart N-left.

Yume Wheeky

Oh yeah I forgot to mention before but don't forget to nominate this game for some Misaos if you're into that kind of thing. You can find the link on that black bar under the "Download Now" button.

Oho, a game I can actually nominate because I'mma actually play it! I expect many wheeks and cuteness.

Also I may have shilled out your game in discord. >.>

Release Maker Birthday~

For some weird reason, the sound cuts out at the end of the video. Anyway! I've made cards and made a menu. Now I need to get it to do something!

Sweet Piano! You've been on a roll lately.

Also what does it meant??? Could it be the hero Ralphius?!