Working on too many things at once. Have a game in the works, learning keyboard/piano, dealing with health problems/winter, and watching youtube.
The Sunset Sheriff
The Adventures of Sheriff Libby



The Sunset Sheriff

The download in the Dropbox seems to be broken. I've attempted to download it 4 times now, once even on a separate computer, and it always breaks at the same point.

Hey Zachary, I just downloaded from dropbox directly and through and both ways seem to download, unzip, and start just fine. What browser and operating system are you using? I'm using Windows 10 and the latest version of Firefox. You're also downloading version 1.1 which is the final one ye?

80s Anime Style Fanart

Secret Santa 2023 ::

My initial guess was wrong but my second guess about it being Marrend was right after all! Thank you so much Marrend, I loved the game. The credits especially were really funny.

And Delsin - I’m glad you liked the art! I’m not too used to working with an anime style but I tried my best to get it looking like an 80s anime poster for you ^^

:O Well no wonder I didn't quite recognize it, Frogge did something new! Thanks Frogge, it looks great! *Tells everyone to hire Frogge for their indie game title screen/poster art.*

Liberty would never guess it, but twas I! Well she handed them out and was who we handed them into. But still! Twas I! (The Liberty Christmas Game 2023 has like...12? endings or so, 2 branch from one choice, 1 from another, then 7 or so from the end choice. 3 branch from a single of those choices. Collect them all?! It was fun working on it, would have mak in MV but Node.js was being a complete pain and had to use VXA. It's simplified from the original so went gammak event mode and got it working. I'll make a gamepage for others to play after Libby beats it.

Secret Santa 2023 ::

Thanks to my Secret Santa for the cool pic of Malice and Gloop! It is very old school poster/game cartridge covery. I don't recognize the style so I'm not quite sure who did it. Hmmm, you know, it might be Strak. Thonks.

Merry Christmas RMN

Merry Christmas all, now do gammak! Also eat lots of good food and go on RMN discord and talk about gams.

Best RM series to play all the way through?

A Blurred Line.

Sadly it never got its promised sequel, but it shows off the passion of earlier rpg makers.

Secret Santa 2023 ::

Sign me up coach.

I'm fine with pretty much anything so do whatever comes to mind. Fanart, fangame, review, etc.

Some ideas/imagination fuel: if you like sci-fi do something involving spaceships or characters or whatever from Light of Icarus.

If comedy fantasy is your thing maybe something from Legends of Perren: Task of Malice, involving Malice on her vacation post game. (Malice is a recurring character and shows up in a side adventure I made for RMN's 15th bday )

If something more serious is your thing, Ár-íshkiykára Stories, Last of Winter is def a contender. (Its also one of the last things I made in Visual Novel Maker, only doing some systems stuff for peeps...after fighting with the engine to do some basic stuff and constantly losing variables/data in fairly simple systems due to engine bugs/limitations/crashes I've long since sworn it off.)

Homage to Final Fantasy (I) - Possible Chain/Stitch-together Game

Big thonks. I'm interested, should have time to do gammak in a couple months heh.

Secret Santa 2022

Ah it was KrimsonKatt that did the cool artwork of my characters! Thanks a bunch mate!

*One day Mina's Voyage will get updated, when I'm not inundated with schoolwork.*

Secret Santa 2022

I'm not quite sure who could have made these. They're fun and capture the spirit of the character well while showing off the artist's style. Thanks yo!