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Changing Number of Equipment Slots Based on Other Equipment [RMMV] [Scripting]

Hey all, while fiddling around last night I remembered some stuff I had played around with a long while back. Is it feasible to create a script/plugin to handle automatically changing the number and type of equipment slots based upon other equipped items?

Equipment Section, Item Name, Skill Used if Applicable, Stat Modifiers
Mech Name: Sappeur (Changeable by player?)
Frame: Sappeur Medium Frame
Head: Sappeur A-2
Left Arm: Sappeur A-2
Right Arm: Sappeur XA-1
Torso: Sappeur A-1
Legs: Sappeur XA-2
Direct Fire Pod 3: Edison Torchlight, PC, baseline stats
Gun Pod 2: Stahlwerk Twin Needler,Twin AC20MM, Ammo 30, 1d3 dmg, acc 70%
Missile Pod 1: Burmington Swan, LRM-1, Ammo 4, baseline stats
Missile Pod 1: Friesan Delta, LRM-1, Ammo 3, 1d6+1 dmg, baseline other stats
Armor 2: Titanium Polyalloy (Max Hp +30, 10% Pierce Resist)
Internals 2: Carbon Foam Insulator (Impact, Thermal, Electrical 5% Resist)
Electronics 1: Haze6 (ECM, +5% evasion)
Computer 1: Akobe BatCom (COM, +1% Acc, +2 Speed, Skill: Focus Target I)

This is a mockup of a characters equipped mech. If, for example, I switched out the Left Arm to a Lynx 3B, then the Gunpod 2 slot would change to 2x Energy Pod 1s. Of course the trick is getting the game to recognize it, properly update, and not get confused with placements.

A janky possible solution I've thought of would be where I set the total weapon slots to the absolute maximum possible for the game (12+?) but then you'd have this enormous list of blank slots every time you go to the inventory screen. As well as not being able to change the slot type.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, hehe.

[SCRIPTING] [RMMV] Referencing Hime's Weapon Damage in Victor's Dual Wield Plugin

This is a bit tricky as it uses two different plugins by two different coders. Victor's Dual Wield and Hime's Weapon Damage respectively. (I'm adding the Scripting tag because this involves plugins and customizing them so hopefully its all good.)

Using Victor's Dual Wield plugin normally splits your damage among both attacks. However, what happens if you need to refer to another plugins info, in this case Hime's Weapon Damage, to properly split the actual damage/attacks of a character? I'm assuming that you can add in WeaponDamage somewhere into Victor's code where it refers to the split action. This way you don't have the combined weapon damage of the two weapons used in both attack calculations. (KeroKero's short sword should not be doing 2-12 damage base! It should be 1-6!)

-_- Kinda at a loss of where to start however. If anyone can help with this I can give you hugs, cookies, or uh...put you on a rooftop as a cameo character in a game. (not that I wouldn't put anyone in a game if they wanted, but ya know.) Hopefully I explained this well enough, a bit foggy from dental work done yesterday.
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