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The Tenth Line Review

Yeah, don't look too deeply into the large numbers of enemies. It is a silly, cartoonish way to have a combat system in a fantasy RPG. I mean, they even fly away with smoke trails when they're beaten.

The timed hits exist for a reason - hitting a foe pops them into the air, and hitting that foe with a different character's attack deals double damage (which is why you might get big numbers sometimes). You can spam the buttons if you want, but finesse is rewarded. Certain skills like Black Pulse and Black Hole exist specifically to make use of this trait.

I've made the change to the Power flow so that items can be freely replaced. That will be in the next version. I've also reduced some damage sponginess and size of some formations, though it can still be said that training goes a long way. Having full Bonus bars can be the key to getting 5-star ratings.

The Tenth Line Review

Well, in that case, it would be way less taxing on the logic if I just took out the level cost from the tutorial segment. If you want to keep it, then, hey, free level. If you want to replace it, then be my guest, and you'll break even.

(Edit) Whoa, more post! In this other case, I might as well make replacement free. You're still somewhat limited because the new item you place has to maintain any existing connections, so it will probably be a higher level item with more pipes (and therefore later in the game) naturally. Does that seem reasonable?

The Tenth Line Review

I added the Shift thing later on, so, probably not. It's in the manual, though; I bet I can add it as a little context popup in the shop scene though!

The tutorial item placement does use a level, but you'll end up with almost a hundred by the end, and it's a decent stat/placement for the character. Plus, you can replace the item with a new one any time you want. I think it was a pretty fair compromise.

The Tenth Line Review

The tutorials don't use up your item stock - you get free items during the tutorial that are spent, so nothing is lost. That would be pretty annoying!

There is nothing in the store segment that is unique, but you can hold down SHIFT to walk slowly if you're having trouble on the keyboard.

The Tenth Line Review

Thanks for taking the time to so comprehensively lay out your concerns. I hope some of your frustrations were technical in nature (Unity can be a pretty demanding engine on older machines), and a smoother experience might have been more pleasant all around. I've shared your thoughts with my QA volunteers (there isn't a team, by the way - it's just me!) to see if I need to revisit some design choices and delay my release window.

I guess one thing to mention is the game was never meant to have the precision or feel of a Metroidvania - it's more akin to Valkyrie Profile in its pacing instead. I never, ever settle for boilerplate mechanics and genre labeling, even if that would limit my marketability. Thing is, I had mostly positive responses so far, with a few rough edges that I thought I'd addressed over time. Plus, there's the Story Mode if the mechanics are too intimidating. I'd hoped that would be a fair compromise.

Anyway, thanks again! I am a bit under the weather this morning, so I won't go into much detail, but I absolutely welcome feedback. If one of the 90+ subscribers who's tried the demo and is reading this right now has anything to add - please do so, right here and now, because time is running out before I have to submit what I've got to the console publishers. I can delay the release date if need be, but only if there are design flaws I need to address that nobody's talking about!

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