Hello! My name is Jessica, and I have been working on game development skills for about a year now. I once thought that my calling was the horror genre, but I'm trying to branch out and see what other genres might call to me as well. My projects include Demented Dreams Part 1, Into the Hallway, and a couple of really crappy 3D games I made with Unity while I was still playing with it. I almost exclusively use RPG Maker VX Ace at the moment, and am currently working on learning how to create tilesets, scripts, sprites and the like for my own projects. As I grow in skill, I would love to help the community by providing free-to-use templates as well as a handwritten guide on the easiest way to develop your own standard RPG. It's a lofty goal, but I'd like to help people in that way. For now, though, I'm currently working on my own run-of-the-mill RPG as a testing field for my skill in story-building. It's going to probably be cliché as hell and remind you of a thousand other RPGs, but with one thing that isn't standard: it will have no main story, no "main quest", and no "destiny" to fulfill/"prophecy". Instead it will be a slice-of-life-style RPG, and you essentially make your own life's purpose. That's the idea, anyway. Seems boring and too simple to me, but maybe people will like it.
On that note, still trying to figure out how to upload an avatar image. Will update when I figure that out.


01/13/2018 11:07 AM
New York