Hello! My name is Jessica, and I have been working on game development skills for about a year now. I once thought that my calling was the horror genre, but I'm trying to branch out and see what other genres might call to me as well. My projects include Demented Dreams Part 1, Into the Hallway, and a couple of really crappy 3D games I made with Unity while I was still playing with it. I almost exclusively use RPG Maker VX Ace at the moment, and am currently working on learning how to create tilesets, scripts, sprites and the like for my own projects. As I grow in skill, I would love to help the community by providing free-to-use templates as well as a handwritten guide on the easiest way to develop your own standard RPG. It's a lofty goal, but I'd like to help people in that way. For now, though, I'm currently working on my own run-of-the-mill RPG as a testing field for my skill in story-building. It's going to probably be cliché as hell and remind you of a thousand other RPGs, but with one thing that isn't standard: it will have no main story, no "main quest", and no "destiny" to fulfill/"prophecy". Instead it will be a slice-of-life-style RPG, and you essentially make your own life's purpose. That's the idea, anyway. Seems boring and too simple to me, but maybe people will like it.
On that note, still trying to figure out how to upload an avatar image. Will update when I figure that out.



[RMVX ACE] Happy To Introduce Myself! :D

Hello! I'm Jessica, and I've been playing around with the RMVX Ace engine for about a year now. I released one game with it , and I learned from that experience that I seriously needed to gather some intel before truly launching myself into the world of game development. Thanks to several people here, I'm already making use of the many resources and tutorials available and I'm happy to say my skill set is widening slowly.
Thanks to Frogge's post about mapping do's and don'ts, I learned how to map properly. It will take practice, of course, but I'm already making a massive improvement.
The youtuber MVisioned did a YouTube series on RPG Maker VX Ace, so I am following that through all the subjects to see what I can learn. There's some really good material, if you're curious.
Liberty does amazing tilesets and edits, as do several other people. I'll edit this and cite all the ones I liked the most later on when I have more time.
So I just wanted to thank those who have been helping me so far, and say hello to everyone! :D

Varied Window Skins

Thank you so much for making these. I'm sure I'm more than a little late, but they're beautiful.

New to RMN?

Hey guys, new to RMN. Still trying to figure out the avatar thing, but I'll get it eventually. I'm a developer, but this is my first time taking a crack at making an actual RPG. I've made horror games in the past , but I'm feeling more pull toward the RPG/Fantasy realm lately so I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm working with RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm great with making maps and figuring out simple enough events, but scripts and making my own tilesets/sprites/etc. is a daunting task. I'm not that great with PC art anywho, but I think I can figure it out if I keep to the pixelated style of things. Portraits will be my main challenge, I think.
And bosses. -Internal groan.-
Anyways, thank you guys for having me and thank you for this post. Really appreciated the help.

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