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Looking for some resources {rm2k3}

I've been working on a clan of gypsys and I'm frustrated with the chip sets I've been finding. Aside from just throwing a couple of tents up, I got nothing.
I could probably work with something circusy and edit it, but I don't have anything like that.
Does anyone have any chips or charactersets of caravan type stuff? Camping things, tents, large carts or attractions, even a circus chip or some animals (especially camels)?
I'm not sure what to use because all I can find is that chipset from the Millineal Fair in Chrono Trigger and it's not very good...
Any help would be appreciated. :)

Mother 3. Emulators and rm2k3s

I found this video a while ago and I really liked it. I loved the original Earthbound and only recently even learned that the "Mother" games are connected, though they were never released in the US.
This is a video from someone who is trying to remake one of the other Mother games in rm2k3.

This awakened my childlike love Earthbound and got me to hunt down it's sequel. I hope this person is still working on it, it looks stellar! I managed to find a translation and ROM for Mother 3 (wasn't too hard with google) and I really recommend it if you haven't tried it yet!
I've just been playing it for about an hour and it's already full of that wonderful style and humor.
Does anyone know if Mother 2 is any good or have opinions for which is better? Does anyone know more about this "Mother2k3" project?

Sucker Punch!

So I saw this somewhat recent movie last night called Sucker Punch. Who anyone who hasn't seen it, it is kinda like Pan's Labyrinth in it's theme (Little girl uses her mind to escape a twisted reality)
I enjoyd the movie, except for the random action scenes went on way too long.
Did this movie remind anyone else of the game Bioshock?
Bioshock and Sucker Punch Spoilers ahead:
Little girls in an orphanage protected by a Madam from a sadistic visionary. Plus the music and atmosphere kinda gave me this 40's-esque vibe that would fit right in in Rapture.

I guess not a huge similarity, but it did make me fondly remember the Bioshock games.

Baby Crib

I know this is a silly request, but transporting a baby is an important part of the story of game. They can't just carry the baby the whole time, but I can't find a baby crib. I want it to be a covered bassonnette and it only needs one cell, as it won't be moving. I tried googling and searching a pixel database for something workable, but I haven't had any luck.
Does anyone know of a game with something similar that might fit in a rm2k3 game?
Or would anyone be willing to flex their pixel prowess and help me out in the home stretch of my game's completion?

It's my party and I'll code if I want to

Tomorrow is that last day of a stressful summer term. Following tomorrow I have a whole month before school starts again, I am hoping to be able to finish Beyond Eden during this time.
I have been so stressed that I literally forgot about my birthday.
It's today! Hurray!
I have a bit of writing I still need to do on my research paper, but once that is finally over, I am greatly looking forward to a month long mind melting marathon session of rm2k3 code. :-D
There is really no point to this thread.

Another bloody trap!

I had this idea to implement into an area of one of my dungeons. It is a maze of sorts where where the player is only permitted to take X steps across tile A and Y steps around tile B before becoming stuck and having to start over. It is in a cave as well, so vision will be slightly impaired.

I have a strange feeling that a RM game has done this before. Either way, I'm gonna do it, don't see why I shouldn't, but is there another game that did this, RM or otherwise?

Surely the best way to code such a thing is with a parallel process that tracks and totals specific terrain tile variables, right? Haven't started coding yet, just having a thought while I doodle potential dungeons.

Anyone looking for a buddy?

I have refrained from asking this many times, but the kindness on this website always surprises me. I mean, a lot of us (myself included) are sarcastic jaded jerks, but if it comes to a properly formatted somewhat articulate question or request, people are very accommodating especially on RMN.

Some of you know me, but for the most part I kinda keep to myself lurking on the forums and commenting on adorable screenshots.
My main project, Beyond Eden, has been a work in progress for about eight years. If you have ever played it, I encourage you to forget that you have done so. This game has been rewritten and redesigned from the ground up at least three times. It really should be much much longer, but I didn't know a whole lot when I started. It was by no means my first project, but at first I didn't set out to make much of the game or challenge myself.
It has become a labor of so much love that I can't help but continually add more to it and develop it farther, removing chunks of badly written or mapped areas and redoing bad code.

Much to my surprise, this project is less overwhelming than I remember and is seriously starting to shape up into something great. This game is winding down and I think a lot of you will be surprised by the amount of attention to detail and love put into characters. I am so proud that this is finishing, but as it does, I am requesting some specialized help to ensure that the game is polished before release.

What I am looking for, is a partner or two to commission a few specific pieces. Primarily, I need three bug testers. (At the end of September)

I have bug tested it myself countless times and am fairly certain that it should be smooth; however I also am very curious to get user feedback. I need sarcastic over critical jerks to tear down my hard work (never let them see you cry!) however, I also need to said jerk to give me solid feedback (Suggestions!?) and continue playing to the bitter end.

I also need some graphical help. I'm not asking for spriters to redo all of my battle charas (though one in particular could use some love and talent) but what I do need is a game over screen (I did mine myself and it is HILARIOUSLY awful), possibly better title screen, and a logo.

I could use some musical help too, but not necessarily in creating custom music. Though unique songs would be great, I pretty much hate my entire game's soundtrack as it stands, and each time I change it, it turns out to be a different kind of horrible. Maybe above bug testers could confirm my suspicions or suggest alternate song choices.

And lastly, I need some database help. Specifically, I was wondering if anyone had any abandoned rm2k3 projects that I could canabalize. I know that is a crazy/lazy request, but I was wondering if anyone interested in any of the above would want to combine forces and allow me to use otherwise unused/unfinished areas/puzzles/mini-games. Seeing other people's work is always inspiring, but I don't take anything without permission. Anything useable, would be edited to be properly implemented.

In return for these services, I hope to provide a similar exchange. My game is almost finished and I will be looking for something to fill in the time afterwards. I want a kind of "bounce ideas and resources back and forth" kind of partnership. I am good at mapping, (though it takes me a very long time because I do and redo an area eight times) and clever with story elements, pacing, and realistic dialogue. I give excellent feedback, and consider myself very good at coming up with improvement suggestions. I am good at coding mini-games and menus and such, but I haven’t tackled a full CBS yet.
I am willing to write reviews, or offer similar services (in terms of bug testing or post-Beyond Eden mapping)

Let's get a discussion going and see what we can do for each other!

Making a Trailer

Hey! Sorry if this is a redundant question, though I'm sure it has been asked before.
I want to make a kind of trailer/commercial to hype the release of my game.
What is a reasonable free video capture program (preferably with a reasonable watermark) I can use to collect various videos and compile them together (maybe even edit them)
Is something like this fairly straight forward? I don't want to spend too much time learning a new program and compiling this trailer when I could be finishing the game up.

A or B (spriting question)

Hello everyone! I've been spriting out my characters, and I've been having trouble with one in particular.
Her name is Dahlia. She is not a main character, but is with the party for a long time. She is a high priestess (healer) within one of the churches, and is on a pilgrimage to find a lost holy relic. This is what she looks like.

I just CAN NOT decide between these two versions! I know it seems silly, because the differences are subtle, but maybe you guys can help me.
I think I like version A better, but the braid and ribbon may be too... Shall we say "Aireth-like" and why the hell would anyone who can't fly wear a cape? I just kinda figured that if version B was the normal version, if she were sent on a quest, maybe she would put her hair up and maybe don a cape for some reason?

Let me know what you think of her. (She can take your criticism, she knows she's beautiful on the inside)
Thanks for the input!

An RMer questions his "programming" identity

Hello! I am a long time rm2k3 user and I'm looking at switching to VX (Maybe XP, but probably not)
I'm one of those folks whose knows that program up and down. I can make mini games and menus and all kinds of stuff, but I don't have much of an eye for sexy design, so must of what I make is pretty generic looking.
I haven't used VX yet, but I wanted to see what other people's experiences are.
I am considering this switch over for the obvious reasons that VX is capable of doing more, and doing it sexier.
I am considering against this change over for many reasons (Including petty one's like pride and loyalty). I was curious to see some of the input other members have, being that I'm sure many of you had similar reservations.

1. Graphics. Map limitations being the biggest one. Why in the hell did they decide that five chipsets was the limit? Bah! I'm a big fan of using panoramas for maps (basically building maps then making a bitmap representation of it) Does anyone have any experience with Panorama maps in RMVX? Or prehaps any input on getting around map limitations? I genuinely enjoy the rm2k3 graphics. I haven't even tried this yet, but I was wondering if anyone has played with 2003 maps in VX. I know the screen resolution is larger in VX, so everything will be tiny, but maybe you could increase the picture size without being too blocky looking?

2. Battle system. I kinda like the DBS in rm2k3, and there's a good amount of room for workarounds, but it's limitations are obvious. I need a sideview ATB system. Sure, you can add scripts to the game to make it do, but I'm worried that even with technical prowess, the system will be very plain looking. I'm very open to learning Ruby, but the battle system seems somewhat overwhelming. Is there a lot of room for "workarounds" within these custom scripts? What is the middle ground between DBS and pure Ruby system? What do you guys think of the battle systems out there?

I'm downloading the trial version now, and may pay for it with my delicious tax refund. (Yes, delicious is the adjective I went with) Haven't played many VX games either, so I'm gonna continue doing research.
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