I like to dance.
And hike.

I smoke a lot.

I'm an Accountant.
I love making games. Let's make one together!

Portland, Oregon is my paradise.


Why RPGmaker? Why?

What keeps you playing an RPGmaker game?

I know that in this quick world we make snap judgments or maybe only play an hour of someones game, but what is it that makes you keep playing?

Is it those custom systems that make it look like it wasn't made in RPGmaker? Is it the pretty maps that indicate a programmers devotion to making the game?
Or is that the story that grabs you and doesn't let go with good characters and well written dialog?

The problem with that last one is we never know how good an RPG (even commercial ones!) is until we've been playing for like six hours.

It's been many years since these RPGmaker's came out, and I think we are all jaded. Tired of seeing the same things over and over and don't feel like devoting the time to playing amateur games. But I wonder...

Why do we still make them? I guess largely they are all considered "a labor of love" because we are committed to our own personal story. I know that is the case for me, maybe I can't speak for everyone.

So I guess my question is multifaceted.

Firstly, what do you want to see more of specifically in RPGmaker games? (I know there is a thread for this somewhere on the site)

Secondly, what makes you decide which games to download? Reviews? Screens? Videos?

And lastly, what will make you stop playing an RPGmaker game?

Mouse Control

Do you guys think it would be annoying if you were walking around in a dark cave type place and had a lantern (small spot of illumination) that was controlled by the mouse?

Load Menu?

I am a fairly advanced user of rm2k3. I was wondering how one goes about making a custom "load game" menu. Like, one that allows you to load another save file while playing without having to go to the title screen.

I realise this needs a patch or something, but the only one I know of is built for rm2k.

Any ideas?
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