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[RM2K3] Need help fixing cursor memory when battling with multiple skill menus.

So I recently added three different skill select menus in battle for Physical, Magical and Support skills and I noticed the cursor memory is way off. For example if I have four magic skills, and I choose skill #2, when it comes to my next turn the cursor automatically lands on the last skill of the menu, and will do this in all other categories as well. So in this case: #4 instead of #2 like I used the previous turn. I know my skill ID#s are a bit few and far between (the games been indev for a while and I just transferred to the official version of RM2k3)

This is mainly a big issue because the gameplay is centered around not having an actual attack button and instead using different skills of varying physical or magical elements thus the game has been balanced around quick repetitive inputs, which obviously falls apart if the cursor memory isn't going to cooperate. Any ideas to fix this or any possible patches? I'm running Cherry's No Row patch at the moment just in case any other patches would interfere with that.
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