Guardian Frontier
An RPG with classic-style gameplay and a non-classic premise, inspired by the history of exploration and colonialism of the 19th century.
Review Info Rating
Actually That Good.
  • Umbral Soul
07/21/2017 10:23 PM
Mad Max Meets Monkey Island
  • Götterdämmerung RPG
05/17/2014 06:43 PM
Interesting premise, absurd execution.
  • Jon Han the Business Man
02/07/2014 07:23 PM
A cool, sexy game for people with large vocabularies.
  • The Logomancer
02/05/2014 12:52 AM
Saga of Sadism
  • Land of Dreams
01/28/2014 06:57 AM
Attempts to milk comedy from ultracompressed storytelling, doesn't quite succeed.
  • Adventure Academy
01/23/2014 06:48 PM
Charismatic but Clumsy
  • Love and War: Act I
01/17/2014 03:43 AM
Carries off a classic style with character.
  • Forever's End
12/31/2013 06:29 PM
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