Guardian Frontier
An RPG with classic-style gameplay and a non-classic premise, inspired by the history of exploration and colonialism of the 19th century.


[SCRIPTING] Is there a way to turn on auto-dash with the Super Simple Mouse Script by Shaz

As the title indicates. I'm hoping to implement mouse movement which lets the player get around at full speed without having to use the other hand for the Shift button. Letting the player turn off dash isn't a major priority. Is there any way to implement autorun for this or any similar mouse movement script?

[SCRIPTING] Help with HimeWorks Choice Options script

I've been planning out a collaboration with someone off this site on a project that's kind of Adventure Game-ish in design, in an RPGMaker VX Ace engine. A lot of the interaction is meant to involve collecting items which give you new options for interacting with things in your environment. I thought the HimeWorks Choice Options script would be good for this, since it allows for conditional options while interacting with an event. Unfortunately, it seems that having an item in your inventory isn't one of the conditions that it lets you use to set whether an option appears.

The first solution that comes to mind is to use switches associated with all the events where you gain or lose items, so the events can check fro the switches rather than the inventory items. But that's a bunch of extra work I'd rather avoid if possible. Does anyone know how I might be able to alter the script to make it possible to check for inventory items in the first place? Or any other more elegant solutions than adding so many extra switches?

Audio Editing: Making a piece of music loop smoothly.

I've spent a hefty chunk of time looking for suitable music for a location, and I thought this piece was a good fit. The problem is, despite having points where it feels like it could loop smoothly, it has a very conspicuous end point which makes it unfitting for background music as-is. I downloaded Audacity and tried to follow a tutorial for making music loop smoothly specifically for this, but I have literally no prior experience with it, or music editing at all, so while I have a sense that it should be practical, maybe even easy for someone with experience, none of my attempts so far sound right at all.

If anyone either has advice on how I can do this (or whether it's actually practical at all,) or can do it themselves (I have a feeling if knew what I were doing, this might be about a couple minutes' work,) I'd appreciate it a lot.

[RMVX ACE] Only part of tileset appearing

I needed some custom tiles for a ship in my game, and I found some suitable tilesets here, but I'm having a problem when I try to use them in my game. The tileset looks like it's supposed to in the "preview" window when I look at in the resource manager, but when I try to assemble it as part of a tileset, or apply it during mapping, the images for the tiles only show up down to about the halfway point of the tile sheet. Below that, it's all blank tiles. Is there any way I can fix this?

Anti-lag script help

I've been experiencing noticeable lag on a few of my maps, and it's probably going to be worse on some of the ones I'll be creating later, so I've been looking up anti-lag scripts, but I'm not sure what to use or how to use what I've found.

Effectus seems like overkill for my requirements, so I'm reluctant to shell out for it, and I've read references to it having more script conflicts than others (although I'm not using many scripts.)

Victor Engine anti-lag requires the basic Victor Engine module, which I'm not using and am hesitant to get for just this when I'm not planning to use any other functions.

Moghunter's anti-lag script sounds appropriate for my purposes, and being able to turn it on and off to manage any potential script incompatibilities seems useful, but I can't find any English language instructions for how to implement it, and when I tried to turn it on in my game, I got a game-crashing script error (I put the script in Materials and used an evented script call; I don't know if that's how I was supposed to use it, but if not, I haven't found any instructions for what I should be doing instead.)

If anyone knows how to use the Moghunter script properly, or knows any good alternatives, I'd appreciate the help.

[RMVX ACE] Looking for RTP-compatible child sprite resources

So, the VX ACE RTP contains sprites for a few different child characters, but it's a pretty limiting set. I can do recolors, but my sprite art skills are, to put it charitably, pretty shitty. Are there any resources which can generate sprites from the template used for existing RTP children, or at least give options for different base outfits I can mess around with?

[RMVX ACE] [Scripting] Revising equipment store readings to reflect stat changes from equipment.

Okay, so, I intended for the game I'm working on not to rely on any original scripting, but the approach I've been using for weapons has resulted in an unintended problem which might need a scripting-based solution, and as far as I can tell there isn't an existing script to resolve this because it's not a problem that normally comes up in the first place.

In my game, rather than weapons having a numerical attack stat which is added to the user's attack power, weapons all use a parameter multiplier for the attack stat. So instead of a weapon upgrade going from +10 to +20 attack, it might go from *1.5 to *1.65 attack.

The problem is, when you shop for equipment, the system the engine uses for checking how much your stats will change is to check the difference in numerical scores, not the difference in your stats with one equipped versus the other, so the player can't tell how strong any of the weapons actually are without buying them.

Is there a way to change the game's mechanism for checking equipment stats so that stores will accurately reflect them?

[RMVX ACE] Finding train tilesets.

I've been looking for a while now for a tileset which would allow me to create a train, preferably something which looks like a steam engine. The only resource I keep seeing references to is Celianna and Lunarea's steampunk tileset, which definitely seems to be a thing that existed. But whenever I try to download it, I get a non-functional image file which can't be opened.

I'm willing to pay for DLC tilesets if necessary, but I haven't been able to find any DLC tilesets for this either. If anyone knows where I can find resources for this which still exist and work, it'd be a huge help.

[RMVX ACE] Seeking mapper and/or artist.

I'm looking for a mapper, artist, or both interested in joining me to work on Guardian Frontier.

This is intended to be a game which doesn't require a team, so I hope to complete it whether anyone joins me or not. But mapping is by far the most painstaking element of the game-making process for me, and using FaceMaker for the portraits limits the facial expressions I can use for various characters.

I can't pay much for any prospective team members, especially since Guardian Frontier isn't intended to be a commercial product. But if anyone finds the project interesting and wants to be a part of it, I'd be happy to have someone who help carry those elements.

[RMVX ACE] Way to reference whether player has bought goods from a store

I'm not sure whether this is super easy and I'm missing something obvious, or if it's practically impossible and way above my pay grade, but I'm looking for a way to create a branching interaction with merchants which returns different results depending on whether you bought anything from them during the preceding shop processing sequence. Basically, recognizing the difference between window shopping and making an actual purchase, without requiring the player to buy any specific items whose presence I could check for in their inventory. Does anyone know a way to accomplish this?
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