Want to get the Old School Modern 2 pack but can't find a place to buy it!

The one on itch ( includes both of the packs that were previously released separately as RPGMaker DLC.

rpg maker mv is a large step backwards

Wow, that looks really sleek, like a RPG Maker made by Adobe or something.

Off topic, did you make Symbiote? That game was amazing and fun :DDDDDDD

ya thx :D

rpg maker mv is a large step backwards

Was pretty disappointed in MV myself.

I made a bunch of concepts for how imo it should have been. You guys might find them interesting:

Difficulty: Challenge vs Frustration

Hey guys! I just finished my newest article about game design. It's kind of long, but I'll paste some highlights.


So what exactly is frustration? What causes it? What makes a player want to turn off the game and never play it again?

Frustration occurs when the player feels as if his time has been wasted, and that the game is at fault.

There are two important parts to that statement, so let’s break it down. The first part has to do with the value of a player’s time, which is an important concept to understand in modern gaming. Thirty years ago—or twenty—or hell, ten—players valued their time differently. Games back then were a lot harder (and a lot more frustrating) than they are today. This isn’t to say that players’ time was less valuable. Accessibility to videogames was different, and gamers didn’t have the luxury of thousands of games available to them at a moment’s notice. In today’s world, if someone doesn’t like your game—maybe because they feel that it’s not worth their time—they can just delete it and find another one within moments. Twenty years ago, if a game frustrated a player, they didn’t really have that option, so they kept pushing through until the game was beaten.

Gaming culture has changed, and game design changes to accommodate the lifestyles of games. You can’t get away with wasting your player’s time.

So what is a waste of the player’s time? Think about the times that you have gotten mad at a videogame. Maybe you died and were forced to replay a huge area—maybe you were forced to sit through that long cutscene again and again. Maybe you were just about to land the final blow on a boss that you’ve been fighting for an hour, and he hits you with a cheap shot, leaving you to do it all over again. Or maybe you find yourself in a random battle every other goddamn step you take.

Check out the full article on Finalbossblues

RPGM Podcast!

thanks for the heads-up.

new episode is here! in episode 5 we talk about EXPLORATION and review a demo. :)

RPGM Podcast!

Happy Wednesday!

Episode 4 is up!

RPGM Podcast!

Howdy! :D

I'm happy to announce the RPG Maker Podcast!

Our regular hosts are myself, Despain, ReynardFrost and Kilim.

Listen to Episode 5 here.

This is going to be a weekly thing, so if you like it—or if you hate it—let us know. We want feedback.

Episode 1 World Immersion
Episode 2 What Drives Story (Play or Flay Vermillion)
Episode 3 Dialogue (Play or Flay Wake)
Episode 4 Gettin' Serious about Teams (Play or Flay Deceit)
Episode 5 X-ploration (Demo Review X-Noir)

Any libertarians here?

This topic deserves a second chance; I'm unlocking it. Just calm down a bit, Despain :)

what are you even talking about? all of my posts have been entirely legitimate even if you don't agree with them.

okay forget this thread i guess. apparently you guys aren't open to discussion and would rather post image macros.

i'm gonna go watch my little pony.

Any libertarians here?

*name-calling and image posting and generally not contributing to the discussion

Any libertarians here?

Human life (or rather life itself) doesn't have any exceedingly special worth and I simply fail to see the difference between paying for a hamburger I'm going to eat and paying for medical treatment.

i love this ;d

a human life's value is measured very easily. in fact, we have a fantastic system that allows us to put a numeral value to the life of nearly everybody: money. that's right, i said it: money exists as a way to give value to human beings. some people are worth more than others. and lots of people aren't worth much of anything at all.

people talking about anarchy and shit

i don't know of anybody who wants to remove government completely. there's a HUGE difference between the idiots who go around clamoring for anarchy and logic-driven libertarians who believe that government should take a significantly reduced role in the regulation of business and industry.

In such a country you can forget about global scientific or social achievements as well; professionals won't be able to work in a chaotic environment where 'everyone is equal'.

you're mixing up your social systems pal—communism is the (disgusting) system where 'everyone is equal'.

But if you don't believe it and think everyone is just blowing hot air

no dude i'm not like DENYING IT (the holocaust never happened) my biggest point is that it was an accident and people blow it out of proportion in political debates. animals died, some businesses suffered, etc—but that happens in natural disasters too all the time. a single incident like an oil spill has NO PLACE WHATSOEVER in a discussion about political systems, regardless of how big it was.