Ban Rick Perry

good dictionaries are descriptive and are opdated to match the vernaculare. dictionaries that try to tell us how to speak are pretentious. english is an evolving language.

people were using "irregardless" so it became a word. that's a good thing. getting upset about it is the same kind of outdated backwards-thinking behavior that people like Rick Perry use to prevent our culture from progressing forward.

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Ban Rick Perry

<Rick Perry> Capable men and women who are biologically slightly different can serve in defense of our country, so why can we not flaunt our personal choice to save your wretched soul in our places of public education!?

really, dude? you're pushing just as much propaganda as he is.

sure you're the one whose actually right about this stuff. but you're still twisting his words.

now i'm not saying you're WRONG. I don't live in some ass-backwards southern state where people hate gays. up here you have to look pretty hard (or go to an old folks home or catholic church) to find someone who is actively antigay. in ten years it won't be an issue anymore except in areas of the deep south where they still lynch blacks. whining about straight privilege is bullshit when you look at how far gay people have come in the past few years. hell, lots of places will give preference to minorities (for the wrong reasons like tax breaks, but congratulations).

that straight privelege list is from an article published in 1988. that's 30 years ago.

honestly when you get all up in arms over Christians being themselves you sound like the jackass for expecting anything different. everyone who actually lives their lives based on knowledge or logic (aka anybody who actually matters and whose opinions can be legitimately changed through discussion) already is okay with gays. when you make a big deal out of this, you look like the BIG FLAMING HOMO BEGGING FOR ATTENTION. LOOK AT ME GUYS I AM GAY WHOO~~ *dances topless wearing a bandana around neck and holding a drink with a pink umbrella*

he didn't make this youtube video for you to watch. he made it for people who already agree with his beliefs. anybody who disagrees with him already aren't going to vote for him and he's never getting those votes. he's trying to solidify what little base he still has. that's all this is. it isn't some massive scheme to KILL ALL GAY PEOPLE. there are a percentage of idiot southerners who believe this garbage, and he is taking their viewpoint in order to collect their votes.

so get over yourself, champ. you're queer, you're here. and we've already gotten used to it.

Ban Rick Perry

craze: "hey guys lets prevent this guy from being able to express his opinions"

us: "naw man. we agree with you that he's a dick but he has a right to be a dick."

craze: "your all homophobes for siding with him!!!!!"

grow up, dude. he's TOTALLY WRONG but he has every right to dislike gay people. he has as much right to dislike you as you do to be yourself. this is america and i wouldn't have it any other way.

like i said this is going to KILL him in the polls anyway. this is 2011 and most of the country (especially the parts that vote more consistently) are pro-gay. or at LEAST anti-antigay. his campaign died when he fumbled his words on that debate and this is him grasping at straws (aka the hard christians) in a last chance to bring it back.

arguing over this is dumb.

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Gly'cov is a really shitty name.

Ban Rick Perry

yeah i am 100% for freedom of speech. he is welcome to spew this kind of garbage as much as he wants.

especially since it will only hurt him in the polls.

Hello everyone.

my own sprites for my games so you won't see any default graphics, like you see with the vast majority of the other games here.


Boss Battle Design Contest - Knowledge is Power

"The End is Near" didn't work for me either. Gave me an error message in spanish. Too bad for him I guess.

As for the rest of them, a few of them were absolutely beautiful but we were judging on gameplay. Lots of these seems to be plucked from the middle of another project and they sort of fell flat without context. I sent in my notes.

Game start Picture

replace the image in graphics/system/Title.PNG

Boss Battle Design Contest - Knowledge is Power

hey question about judging—

do you want just scores or do you want reasoning and opinions too. like if i wrote a few lines for each one explaining the score would you put that up with the scores or something?

What are you thinking about right now?


although it realyl wasnt unexpected. cute lil video