I'm Dezz.

But seriously; I'm Dezz. I've been using RPG Maker since 2007, starting with XP but quickly changing to VX. If you want a map making, send me a PM and I'll try and help.
Sacred Remnant
(Updated new version)


Anyone got a download of "Zephyr" lying about?

For those of you that have downloaded my old game from about two years ago known as "Zephyr," do you happen to have it still downloaded on your computer/hard drive?
Unfortunately, due to laptop problems, I no longer have it, nor is it there on the gamepage anymore. I wanted to go back to it and fix it up with bugs and the like, but without the actual game I can't do so.
For anyone who does, do you mind uploading it for me and sending the link through PM or something? It'd be much appreciated.


Haha, I'm back, for like the 1000000000th time or something.

This time I'm actually going to stay, as I've (FINALLY) left high school.
For those who don't remember me or know me; I'm Dezz. I've been on RMN for a few years now (wow, time flies), though before I used to be immature. Well, I think I changed over the years, hopefully. I use RPG Maker VX mostly, though I've switched to VX Ace to learn scripting. I also really enjoy mapping, though I refuse to parallax map; I suck at it, and there seems no point in parallax mapping when you can have different tilesets per map now.
About me in general? I'm a massive RPG fan, and I also enjoy anime and music. That's about it, because I'm not going to write some big paragraph about myself to the internet when there's not really any need to.

So yeah, glad to be back!

Returning, kind of.

Hey, guys.

So, due to me having some time on my hands which is used up for not much else, I have decided to return here in a way to take a look at games, work on my own, and help provide feedback for most.
With my return, I hope to actually have a fresh start here instead of what I was like beforehand (like, a year ago or something when I was pretty shameful xD), as then I will hopefully be able to get along with the other members easier and prove to be more helpful around the community.
However, I don't necessarily plan on being very active, as I am still busy with the likes of school, homework(sadly), and hanging out with friends, but I do intend to be visiting as frequently as I can.

I'm continuing the production of Sacred Remnant, but it probably won't be worked on that often, and I will also be checking out other games on here too when I get the chance and posting scripts, etc. (now that we can, yay) too.

So, yeah. I'm back?

(Also, I'm loving the new RMN look and features!)

Well, see you guys.

My two-three years on this site have been entertaining to say the least, and I have certainly learnt a lot from here.
In the two years of me being here I've gone from a big-headed amateur to a serious maker and have also acquired many decent skills from others helping.
That being said I'm still not as good as many on this site, however I feel as I am of a decent level at least because of this site and the feedback the members have presented, so I thank it greatly.

The reasons I am now leaving are several; such as school problems, me coming-of-age so I need to be getting a job soon, and me overall not having time to waste on making games when I could be doing something actually progressive in my life to help me build up a better future for myself.
I am aware that not many people on this site thought highly of me, and because of my stupid comments a year ago or something people thought I was lacking in intellect and other things, however I am inspired by many of these people and I wish you all the luck with your lives too. I am probably not that known around the actual forums since I usually keep my mouth sealed as of a few months ago, though I am still glad that I found and hung around this community for as long as I did, and if I ever have free time in the future I may return after having my life running to that of which I hope it to be.

Anyway, thanks to all of you, especially the Moderators and Admins for doing such a good job.
Take care!

VX Evented battle system

Hey, RMN.
I lately joined a contest where I'm unable to use any scripts, and I have to use only RTP in my game, so, to spice the game up a bit, I thought I'd get a new battle system.
The problem is... Well... I don't know how to make one that I'm after.
I HATE ABS, so I won't use it, and I want to actually use a good battle system, without DBS.
Unfortunately, Common Events aren't allowed, as they're in the database (which I can't use), and I'm limited to only 3 pictures.
Anyone willing to help?
I'm only after a battle system that's not DBS or ABS.

~~Community Project~~

~~Community Project~~

Members so far:

This is an idea
The world is in danger, and 4 heroes step up to save it, scattered across the world. You must stop them before they do.

Zasc Abrinen,

Myresse Cliyne,

Paliun Saerim,

Sebyn Luna,

Skye Vengeas,

Jose Ryuin,

Game Development:
The game development will begin in 1 weeks time. You can state ideas before then if you choose to.

And any names for a title?

Notices problem

When I clicked Notices before, pretty much 15 pages weren't there no more. Now, when I click it, it takes me to a page saying "Initial Server Problem". It used to happen when I posted or sent a message aswell.

Community project, anyone?

I'm thinking about starting a Community Project. Does anyone want to participate?

It's fairly simple; we work together to make a game, by producing and sharing material (maps, scripts, resources, etc.) with everyone working on it. Then, when you've done what you want to help with, submit it to me and I'll add it into the game. There will be a gamepage of it, showing all who's participated, and when it's done, it'll be uploaded with the correct credits. Also, there will be a page displaying the types of 'jobs' you could help with, along with the names of members, and what they are doing.

I'll give clear instructions on what can be done if you want to help but don't know how.

Game Engine: VX
Game Genre: RPG
Game Story:
N/A - Need writers
'Jobs' available (examples):
Mappers (Mostly important)
Tileset makers (not majorly needed)
Writers (kinda needed)
Face makers/portrait makers (they're always awesome to have, and it would improve the quality of the game, I think.)

Why you should help:
There's not really a reason. It's just fun to work with people making a game. Your choice. :)

Also, it might be using the almighty battle engine melody (YANFLY!), so we could really do with someone who knows a lot about it.

Please note:
I aren't the best RMer, I know, but I am planning for this to go well. I fail a lot by myself, and RMN's members are great, and I DO need help, but you don't have to.

Need some help with RPG Maker 2003.

So I've decided to try out 2k3 to make a project, but I found out I fail. I was hoping someone could help me out a bit.

The initial program is great, with a lot of cool features, but it's a little confusing to work in my opinion. I've checked out games like Hero's Realm and Legend of Denadel, and I wanted to know how they managed to produce a few scenes on them, such as the job picker in Hero's Realm. I'm kinda new to RM 2k3, so I want to learn what I can do with it and how to do what I can do with it.

Anyone mind helping?

Any ideas?

Hey, everyone.
I wanted to know peoples´ views on a few things, to help out when I go to make another game.
I was hoping people wouldn´t mind filling out a type of questionnaire, saying what things they prefer in games...

What RPG Maker do you prefer? I have them all apart from 2000.
What genre of game do you prefer? RPG, Action/Adventure, etc.
What kind of graphics? Old school, retro, RTP, etc.
What type of Battle System do you prefer? Action, sideview, frontview, etc.
What are the things do you like most in games? A good storyline, hard enemies, etc.
What is your favourite game made in the genre stated above? RPG - Final Fantasy VII, etc.
Why is that your favourite game?
Is there anything you would like to see in the game? Such as features, i.e. Fishing System, custom menu, etc.

Also, any advice given is greatly appreciated.
Thanks. :)
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