Chronicles: Fate of a Princess

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it (sort of!).

Chronicles: Fate of a Princess

Yes, I wanted to make it so that you can't just out-level the challenge. It's definitely possible to beat everything at that level. Are there any bosses in particular that are giving you an issue?

Chronicles: Fate of a Princess

I've done an update:
- Reduced random encounter rate (increased EXP/Gold/Item drops to compensate)
- Reduced the size of some bigger enemy packs (increased EXP of effected enemies)
- Should now be clearer that you can't remove dead/disabled characters from your team (won't even let you move them)
- Removed multi-attack from the Orc enemy
- Nerfed the dragon monster a bit
- Added an Android version

Chronicles: Fate of a Princess

I'm in the rebel town and facing the torturer with LV 5.
The balancing must be reworked, because the Orc between the castle and first village has a multi-attack (4 hits on one character = death). Especially with a group of more than 3 enemies the battles took too long.
Trying to change formation during the torturer battle won't help, because you can't exit the menu!
One typo: in the description of on class you wrote "proect". Could be the paladin.

I think I buffed the multi-attack at some point (to boost the rogue's power) but I forgot that I also gave the skill to an enemy. I'll take that off.

I can't find the typo. Which description are you talking about? When you are first picking a class at the start?

I'll reduce some of the bigger enemy packs down a bit, I'm also going to drop the encounter rate (and buff EXP gain/item drops to make up for it).

You aren't supposed to be able to remove dead (or otherwise incapacitated) party members from your team, that's probably why it's not letting you close the party change window. I'll try to make that more clear.

Lv5 should be fine to take on the torturer. If you're having trouble, here are some tips:
- Paladin is probably the best tank here, as all of the torturer's attacks are magical, so 'Bless' is very useful.
- Try to kill the Pain Fiends as soon as they pop up. While the bard is at full HP, she will buff you constantly, but if she starts taking damage she will have to take time off to heal herself.
- The torturer gains access to his AOE at 50% health. Use this to gauge when to give up killing the Pain Fiends and just focus the boss.
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