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Just want to clarify in case I seemed too negative - the game was good enough that I was up until 3am last night playing it, so clearly you're doing things right.

On that note I just rounded up on what I think is a 100% clear.

I got both endings (is the destroy ending Karin only, or is it after you've done all three dates?) and unlocked the afterword.

I had a really fun time with it, so thanks again for the experience! :D

Fake Happy End

Alright, I checked the sprites over on my NG+ run and everything seems clear now. Thanks for the quick response!

Unfortunately I have another bug to report on that front. >< The gates on F61 don't seem to work properly on NG+ - all but one of the buttons are already pressed, but the gates are all still up and pressing the fourth one doesn't make the gates go down. Am I missing something? :<

Fake Happy End

I was told that the '有償問わず' segment specifically meant the game had to be non-profit to count? I'm just forwarding what I've been told on the matter there.

Also if the non-Touhou battlers turn out to be okay, the Touhou-inspired sprites are specifically the ones you'll find here and on the connected subpages:


Fake Happy End

Hi, apologies for sort of barging in, but this seems like the most reasonable place to get in touch on the matter.

I also recognised the Cyan Yurikago/Mazeran art when I played through the game . Unfortunately, it seems like his post on usage has been updated since the translation you linked earlier:


I asked some of my Japanese-speaking friends for confirmation, and I've been informed that there is now an additional disclaimer saying his sprites cannot be used in any for-profit games. I think he might be willing to arrange something if it's talked over/agreed on, but at the very least all the Touhou sprites are definitely out since it's not his copyright to give.

In short unless you're willing to go to the artist and jump the language barrier, the safe move might be to replace out all of the Yurikago sprites. You seem to be alright on the other online sources you've been using, so I figure this was just an honest mistake on your part.

Hope it's not too difficult to resolve!
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