I have been in love with games since I was six years old, my first game being Tomb Raider I. Since then, I have continuously played games, even now. But in 2010, I've started to make my own visions of RPGs, and now is the time that I want to publicly share them.


VXAce Generator Help

Hey guys, I had a small request. Do any of you think you could help me out with the skin tones in the Character Generator? The race of Dark Elves in my game don't have snow-white pigmentation, but then again, they don't have dark brown either. So, is it possible to get a skin color of a dark grey, lightly purple, of some sort?

If not, is there a tutorial somewhere I can use to do it myself?

Thank you in advance!

Giving Player a Game's Backstory

While in the process of my project, I ran across a bit of a puzzle that doesn't bode well for the players, or me. The world and history that my characters reside in are rich and well-developed , but I do not wish to force the player into a wall of text when they begin, or sit through several lines of dialogue as they progress through the story. However, I do want the player, if they so choose, to dive deeper into the lore and mythos of this universe.
But, the question is, how? I realize that I could just insert books and scrolls into the world and present the backstory that way, but is there any other methods or paths that one could take to distribute information in a fun, engaging way? What do you guys think?

Better Buildings? (RMk3)

This is a major problem that I've come across when making my games; all of the buildings look crappy and flat. I mean, they honestly look like they're cardboard cutouts.

So, I'm wondering if there are any tips or tricks to making buildings that have more depth to them, within the confines of RMk3's tileset (or, you can recommend a particular custom tileset for me to use). Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


Hey everyone! The name is Doj, and I've been looking over this site for about a week now before I decided to sign up, since it looks like a great place to put up submissions for games.

At the moment I - and my best friend, ZeroKyon - are in the process of making two games: Journey of the Demon, and ProjectNeos. I hope we will have something to show you all very soon.

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