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Liver Land Halloween
​Spooky festivities have begun, and it's your job to provide the sweets!



Liver Land Halloween

Looks like a fun game, I'll give it a try sometime. Very adorable graphics! Did you do them yourself?

Thanks! Yep, I made the assets myself!

Ill Horizon Shade Review

Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Your feedback was very informative; for any future updates, I'll make exits easier to find, refine some of the admittedly rushed graphics, and not have too many huge groups of enemies.

Wonder Robot D Review

No problem! There was plenty of interesting stuff, both in battle and on the maps. I wish you good luck with your future updates/projects!


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t evem see tj jerp om tjos/

...Sorry, frozen hands and distracted away from the screen. What I meant was:
I can't even see the hero in this.

Ah yes, Trig's not much of a hero, is he?

Tranquil Garden

I'm liking those enemy designs!

Talking to people

Checked out the Twitter page. You've got some great monster artwork!

Liver Land

I'm maybe an hour in, but I wanted to say I'm really digging this so far, great job. Really unique and surreal setting, and I love that your spells improve with use, one of my favorite mechanics that not nearly enough games use. Almost brings back memories of staying up all night grinding magic in Grandia.

Thanks so much! And I've gotta give credit to Yanfly for the amazing scripts, including the one that levels up spells.

Revolting Kingdom

how do you kill.
seigal one of hope b and seigal one of despair b.
i at level 43 got some fire magic.

Bosses at the end, especially the secret post-game ones, are insanely difficult, so you'll have to equip your characters with the best stuff that you can get. You can use Magicombs to craft great weapons and armor in Ysabel's Room. Characters can also learn much better skills by trading in "Demon Dreck" to Derek near the Kingdom Castle entrance.

I might start making a Guide page for this game in the future, to show off more tips and secrets.

Revolting Kingdom

thanks for u help.
but now i want the password for the machine.
and how do you get pass the spicks in the lap in the temple.

Well, I don't want to just give the password out (It's for an optional prize anyway), but the hint refers to counting rock formations in a certain area.

Also, for the spikes in the lab, the first set is unlocked through the main story (go back to Desola Plain to find Izel), and the second set opens up during a very late end-game optional side quest.

Revolting Kingdom Review

Wow, thank you so much for this review! It really means a lot, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Making this game was quite an experience for me, and it was mainly where I started to really develop my graphical and musical styles. It was a crazy development cycle, and at one point I even revamped all the graphics, including character designs (except for Rocky, he stayed pretty much the same). All in all, the whole process was a great learning experience in game design and time management.
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