Yanfly's Party system script

I’m gonna be using this script for my game, but i have a problem. I’m trying to make an event in my game where you have 5 characters to choose from, but can only take 4. main character is locked in the party, 2 of them are reserve slots, so i just need 1 more party member, but they don’t appear in the party select screen. Everything else works fine.

Here's the link to his party script.

screenshot of the map as a battleback help.

Here's one that should work, assuming you're using RPG Maker VX Ace:

VX Ace is just a random guess though. In the future please let us know what program you're using, otherwise it can be quite difficult to provide a working answer!

yea, its VX Ace. ill give that script a shot.

Edit: ... i don't understand what he means by "change the switch".

screenshot of the map as a battleback help.

I need help also i have no idea how to post screen shots
let alone how to post my game it just wont let me

well, i can help you with the screenshot thing. I just use the Snipping Tool that comes in the computer. you have to upload the picture to your locker before you can post it here. at least, that's how i know how to do it.

screenshot of the map as a battleback help.

class Spriteset_Battle
def create_battleback
source = $game_temp.background_bitmap
bitmap = Bitmap.new(640, 480)
bitmap.stretch_blt(bitmap.rect, source, source.rect)
@battleback_sprite = Sprite.new(@viewport1)
@battleback_sprite.bitmap = bitmap
@battleback_sprite.ox = 320
@battleback_sprite.oy = 240
@battleback_sprite.x = 272
@battleback_sprite.y = 176

I got this script from another site. It's suppose to take a screenshot of the map your currently on, and use that as a battleback for a random battle. problem is, when i put it in the script editor and then go to try it out. the background is just a black screen with the enemies and my characters on it. Might anybody help me with this?

Sprite Based Side View Battle Script

It works perfectly for me, this is a simple and usefull script!... but, I see just the immobile sprite... is there a way to put them may be in walking action during the battle? thanks!

I second this. I'd like to have them step forward when they act.

trying to animate side view battlers

i took a look at that one. i've been running around the internet trying to get rid of the front view battle system. I'll be fine with what i have if i cant figure out this problem i have.

trying to animate side view battlers

ok, so i have this side view battler. simple design. i can find where i got it if needed, but i dont remember what its called or who made it.

the problem i have here is i just want the battlers to step forward when they act. i can't find the script line that deals with that.

Edit: i decided to go find the script i used for this anyways, and i found that its on this site. Here's the link to the forum its on.


Conditional event problem

YES, that's exactly how its suppose to work. thanks for your screen shot, way more helpful than when somebody is trying to explain it in words.

Conditional event problem

Conditional event problem

Didn't help. Trying to follow along, and now he lets me have the reward when i have none of the required item.

edit: switched around my common event as follows
@>Control Variables:

now he doesn't let me have the reward if i have less or more than what he's asking. i think im closer, but i still dont know what's wrong here.
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