Yanfly's Party system script

I’m gonna be using this script for my game, but i have a problem. I’m trying to make an event in my game where you have 5 characters to choose from, but can only take 4. main character is locked in the party, 2 of them are reserve slots, so i just need 1 more party member, but they don’t appear in the party select screen. Everything else works fine.

Here's the link to his party script.

screenshot of the map as a battleback help.

class Spriteset_Battle
def create_battleback
source = $game_temp.background_bitmap
bitmap = Bitmap.new(640, 480)
bitmap.stretch_blt(bitmap.rect, source, source.rect)
@battleback_sprite = Sprite.new(@viewport1)
@battleback_sprite.bitmap = bitmap
@battleback_sprite.ox = 320
@battleback_sprite.oy = 240
@battleback_sprite.x = 272
@battleback_sprite.y = 176

I got this script from another site. It's suppose to take a screenshot of the map your currently on, and use that as a battleback for a random battle. problem is, when i put it in the script editor and then go to try it out. the background is just a black screen with the enemies and my characters on it. Might anybody help me with this?

trying to animate side view battlers

ok, so i have this side view battler. simple design. i can find where i got it if needed, but i dont remember what its called or who made it.

the problem i have here is i just want the battlers to step forward when they act. i can't find the script line that deals with that.

Edit: i decided to go find the script i used for this anyways, and i found that its on this site. Here's the link to the forum its on.


Conditional event problem

I don't know where this should be posted, i just barely made an account so i could ask the community about my problem. Im trying to make a quest that requires me to bring him 10 of something. the problem is he lets me have the reward if i only have 1. How do i make it to where it doesn't do anything until i have 10 or more?

I've been to several different forums looking around, and watched a few tutorials on youtube, but they all make a quest where you just bring 1 thing to the npc.
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