My newest game: http://rpgmaker.net/games/7218/

-Animated battler
-Parallax mapping
-I drew all of it
-Over 80 Maps
-More than 3 hours of gametime


A very depressed lonely person in an apocalyptic world.
Aliens will flood the earth.
You are the last hope for the humanity!
Travel through a world full of pain and loneliness.
Find the way to yourself.
Only with a heart full of light you can save the world!
But you are not all alone.
A witch will accompany you on your way.
Is she friend or enemy?

About me:
Marco Tancredi
Contact: Dragobar@hotmail.de
I love depressed comics or games!
Suicidal emotions
Suicidal emotions is a game made by people who are suffering from mental illness.
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