"Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted."

-John Lennon
Second Death
After crash-landing on a strange island, a Chicago cop must face horrors of the wild to save his loved ones and himself.



Download is LIVE!

Congrats on getting this version ready! I'm looking forward to checking it out.

[GM] Second Death needs new tiles -- paid work

Quick update with payment for the job: Offering $500 for the full set. Let me know if you're interested!

[GM] Second Death needs new tiles -- paid work

Hi all, I've been working on a game called Second Death for about three years now and it's very close to release. I've already put it on Steam Greenlight and received a lot of feedback from the users there. One of the main complaints is that it uses the well-known Mack tiles, which makes it immediately appear to be a generic clone, and could potentially discourage player interest. Check out the trailer and you can see what I mean:

While I think the tiles are fine, I know they're overused and would love to have a talented spriter create some replacements to give the game its own style. Since the game is 99% complete, I can write an exact list of the tiles and sprites required. I don't have a huge budget, but I would be glad to work out a good price for this admittedly sizable overhaul to compensate for the work.

For a quick idea of the scope: Second Death has 7 environments, with ground/water tiles and unique static sprites (rocks, plants, etc). A side goal of this overhaul is to darken the palette a bit -- another critique of the game is that the custom red/black noir scenes clash with the brightly colored Mack tiles, and I agree.

If you think you can help with the last step of this nearly finished project, please reply below. Thanks!


Thanks! I've added some text too (HP, SP, etc) so it's easier to know what the numbers mean.

Second Death

Yeah I'm wondering if I should make Adrenaline usable by spending HP if your AP is low. I know it's hard to get enough AP, especially if you're also using the Rush ability.

All of those are battle skills you can use by pressing the top button when it's your turn to attack. I suppose I should call them 'Battle Skills' instead of 'Manuals' since that's a lot more descriptive!

Second Death

Enemies will have a 50% respawn chance in the next version! I do want players to be able to gather more resources.

In the demo, Friendly Face actually increases the chance of befriending wolves, and the XP your wolf ally gains from battle. Not to spoil anything, but you can try throwing some meat like Taniella does at the start!

Really interested to hear what talents you thought were most useful. What were your favorite skill combinations?

Second Death

Thanks for the bug report! Extremely strange, since obj_display_pickup_info and obj_start_controller have nothing to do with each other. You said this error happens right after battle? Does any item drop first?

Great to hear you were able to get more familiar with the game. It's definitely not easy, glad to hear you were able to finish it.

Sorry for the level 11 cap, I needed some extra time to make sure the talents beyond that were working properly. Game releases in January, hope you'll check it out!

Do these skills suck?

Oh, that is a cool idea! Would be an all-or-nothing kind of move, since it would leave the player barehanded. LockeZ, were you thinking this should be a permanent game mechanic, or something unlockable on the skill tree?

Second Death

Thanks for commenting -- I've heard this a lot, so in the next version the Horrors will have 50% less HP. Enemies will also be more likely to drop weapons and armor if they haven't dropped one yet. Hope that makes the first couple nights easier to survive.

Progress Report

Beautiful art and sprites. Sounds like you're close, good luck on the final stretch!