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Controversy: Which FF game ruined the series?

What a topic...

Tell you what, I'll add fire to the burner. The one that ruined the series is Final Fantasy VII, of course.

After FFVII, the series became mainstream, thus gathering the nameless, idiotic horde of "gamers" who complain about EVERYTHING. That's the "ruin" of the series.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.

BEST MGS game ever. I'm a fan of strategy elements, and I very much prefer the mission-based gameplay over the classic "huge stealth mission" from the others.

I also have Dissidia and Crisis Core waiting there, but I've no time. How can you be a gamer nowadays?!

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Just got a PSP and I am having a blast with MGS Peace Walker. Crisis Core and Dissidia are there waiting to be played as well. Goodbye game making? Nah, I'm just on a vacation if anything.

What are you working on now?

Over 300 Battle Animations already.

And I watch Gurren Lagann episodes during breaks. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?!

RM2k3 Battle Animation Size Mods?

I'm don't know how much would this add to a game. Using pictures as monster sprites maybe? Crazy-looking spells with as many frames as you want?

Any ideas about how to use this are welcome.

RM2k3 Battle Animation Size Mods?

I just noticed that there's a terrible bug in the mixer that can destroy the whole database!

It never happened when I tested the thing, but thanks to issual's report I noticed it. I'm terrible sorry - I can just say 'hands off the Reverse Edit Mode', until I fixed the bug!!!

I'll be removing the download until then.


Translation by yours truly♥

Thank you. Good thing I didn't download it before it was taken down.

I think I will stick to the basics without any of these patches...


I'd like to offer advice, as I am an huge Breath of Fire fan and to top it off I am doing a BOF fangame myself (it's not on the site, so don't bother looking for it). But I downloaded the demo and couldn't get it to work.

Don't worry, though. Making a game is a lot of work so take your time ;)

RM2k3 Battle Animation Size Mods?

I tried to download the event mixer and I got this...

Ich habe gerade erfahren müssen, dass im Reverse Edit Mode des Event Mixer ein Fehler steckt, der die ganze Database schrotten kann.

Das ist zwar bei meinen vorigen Tests nie passiert, aber dank Issuall konnte ich es reproduzieren und bestätigen. Das ganze tut mir furchtbar Leid - ich kann also nur sagen "Finger weg vom Reverse Edit Mode", bis ich den Fehler gefunden habe!!!

Bis dahin sperre ich lieber den Download vom Event Mixer.


mfG Cherry

NPC's Anyone????

Why would you ever have randomly moving NPCs? They look really stupid, walking to nowhere. Even static looks better than that. Just have them going back and forth, or in circles, or down a set path.

WTF even commercial games do it. Why wouldn't you do it as well?


I'll play it after there is a clean, 100% working download. I don't think it's asking too much.
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