Breath of Fire fanatic and rm2k3 user


Heya fellow rpg developers

I was just looking around the games but I decided to join in the end. I am a veteran rpg2k/2k3 user, and I suffer from the "make 10 projects, finish none" syndrome. Can't stop it either, so I am still using the program on a daily basis.

It's gotten so bad that my 360 is collecting the dust and I'm really out of the loop on current gaming. I grew up playing SNES games, and since rm2k3 is around that level, I guess that's why it's become my favorite. Nothing beats the feeling of the first RPG you played, eh?

My other point of obsession is Breath of Fire. I've been turning into a fanatic of this series gradually, and now that I am making a game there's no stopping it. Unfortunately, I have no demo to put up on the site and I am no fan of releasing them anyway.

I'd like to know if anyone is making another Breath of Fire game? I've seen a couple BOF projects on the site, but they seem to be abandoned. And if you are not doing a game project but have some BOF resources (sprites, sounds, etc) that I could use, that would be great. That's it for an introduction, see ya around!

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