Night Environment Preview

Is the vibrating in the top left a fault of the video or does it do that in-game too?

I can't quite see what you mean, but must be the video recording software! It runs smoothly in-game

Voice Acting Casting Call

Really wishing I bought that mic when Amazon had that crazy sale.

Ohh the Snowball? I saw that sale too! It keeps going into sale every 2 months or so, so keep an eye out!


I like the tape. Nice touch.

Thanks! We tried different designs, but the tape was what stuck!

I'm sorry


Work in progress of some Yokai designs, with Inko for size comparison!


Did you draw this art?

Nuei, our artist, drew this! You can see a speedpaint of it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOWFYrzNRe4

Kago to Torii

Ugh i cant even open the game, i am genuinely upset...

make sure you have the VX Ace RTP installed! http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages

Mystery 5 Solved!

That was fast. I wanted to solve the puzzle first for once but I guess I was too slow. ;_;

I really enjoyed the story. Actually I was just preparing stuff for my presentation about Creepypastas and so I had to read quite a lot of short horror stories. I'm not quite sure if this can be considered a Creepypasta, otherwise I would have read this one as an example in the presentation, but it's pretty similar regarding length and the creepy theme.
Well done, like always!

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Math Father

Short fun. Loved the manliness of bara.
Finished it in roughly about 15 min and got Ending 2B.
How did you do the character selection?
Doesn´t look like you used a script..
My guess is blank Map + Pictures?
Explanation would be nice.

Oh, that was a parallax background with the text, then the selection and characters done through events! And thanks, Bara is the best xD

Math Father

Omg I love this!Also,you said how you only used the RTP sprites but there were custom sprites too.Also,how many endings are there?I got ending 1 and 2B
Ah you're right, they were made with the character generator from VX ace! My mistake. There's an ending 2 for each character, plus ending 1, so 5 endings.


This game is set in the future, where fireplaces are hmmm wireless
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