Tales of the Rhinemaiden...
A game based on the classic play by Richard Wagner with additional influence by both the German and Norse versions of Nibelungen Saga.



Red Hand of Doom

Looks cool. I noticed in the video some familiar sound effects from Baldur's Gate, one of my favorites.

I'm actually using a few of those sound effects in my own game.


Yeah, I was trying to have it represent iron.
The idea with Act 2 is that Valhalla will be fairly empty to start the Act - one of Brunhilde's abilities is to bring a nearly humanoid foe to Valhalla to take their place among the Gods. I have it set up similar to Pokémon's monster capture system. Among other things, as you "capture" more and more people and bring them into Valhalla, there will be more people in it when you go to visit (it's accessible via the worldmap). The smithy is particularly important for upgrading her Valkyrie equipment; a spear, armor, and a helm. The spear is important because it's not only an equippable item, but can be used via the skill menu if you have another item equipped. This allows you to put together some strategy as I've emphasized weapon weaknesses in battles.


Yeah,I just threw them in there to see what kind of space I had to work with.this is more or less a test screen, I plan on making some bedrolls in the chipset build.

Tales of the Rhinemaidens

The lag with find traps might be the result of so many parallel processes running at once. It might be tricky to fix (at the time I was sort of re-acclimating myself with RPGMaker - it might be something I'll have to look into to see if I can get rid of some waste and help speed things up on slower processors). I figure the traps to be part of all the dungeons throughout the game so if it's causing significant slowdown, it's definitely something I need to look into fixing.

EDIT: And thank you for the feedback and bringing up the bug!

Tales of the Rhinemaidens


Tales of the Rhinemaidens

GoneWind: Steal should be in the main battle commands menu once it's learned.
As for light-06 being missing, I used that program that wipes out unused resource files. On this particular scene, it was imbedded on the move file and must not have been read with that program.

I will upload the graphic file for the fix and create a patched file download to fix the problem.

As far as the tutorial part; I thank you for your input on that and will take a look at reducing it. I tried to look at it from the perspective of someone who had never played one of these games before. I will look into making adjustments.

As for the GOT battle music; well, to be honest I spent a lot of time trying to find a battle theme for this style of game, and a lot of the BioWare games I used other resources from were a little too over the top for a regular battle theme. The main theme from GOT just seemed to fit well for it's purpose.


I believe the avatar here is based on a real person yes (I know the face, but can't connect the name).

The avatars I used are very western - many of them are from portrait packs for some of the Bioware games of the late 90s/early 2000s. My goal was definitely to give the game a more realistic, western feel to it. My favorite RPGs (although Final Fantasy Tactics always had a spot in this) are games like Baldur's Gate.

The game is also based on a classic western society mythology, so it kind of all fits.

Diary of a Madman

Well, I've been working on another game that I just released a demo for - I decided to put the old DOAM demo up because I noticed it was missing on the site.

I may go back and change some things in the storyline and finish the final dungeon, but I had way too many ambitious ideas with this one that I just didn't have the time to put the work into it in the old days.

But yeah, it's been around some 10 years or so. I played through this demo over the weekend and noticed how unpolished some parts of it are. There are some things I'd like to fix up on it, but Ganthithor's story will be cut a little shorter than the original plan.


Those snakes remind me of Conan


Thanks! You'd be surprised how many different games this one screen has edited rips from actually.