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I really love the art. It looks amazing!

Esper Unleashed

Amazing work as always! I really hope he gets to meet his daughter again. I wonder what would happen if they come seek him, and i'm sure the government will. The game seems to be a spinoff of Astral Awakening. The potential of both games being in the same universe is staggering. What if the characters from both games meet up against a larger threat? WOw Wow Wow.

Astral Awakening

Now that I finished the game, I can say What a treat! The change to random encounters was a surprise that kept me on my toes. The battle system has a lot of flavor, each enemy is weak against something. I always used mind control to basically have three party members in battle. It was easy to forget who was weak to what type of attack so I had to constantly make mistakes, I would recommend some key item with a reminder of what an enemy can be weak to.

The mapping was very tasty, I can tell you put a lot of effort into the game. The ability to run in the map without pressing a button, the smoothness of crossing through doors were welcome features. That Astral projection mechanic is something that translates to the real world. The dangers of Astro projecting are real and gave me some scary reminders. The bonuses i got sure came in handy against the horde of enemies after the boss.

Hey! What's up with that final boss, it was brutal! Love it tho ;) It saddens me that the game was so short. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Astral Awakening

Wow I'm loving this game. I'm loving this game so much I could not wait to write something before finishing it. The graphics are amazing, the in-game graphics look much better than the screenshots! I don't remember encountering this with any other game. Thank you for allowing us to save anywhere it was a life saver.

Those enemies, omg, I loved fighting every single one of them, never felt the need to skip them at all. The music is A+, specially the title theme. That scene with the creature shoving people around was something I have never seen done, very refreshing to watch. Overall an excellent experience. Now, it's time for me to finish the game!

I got thrown into a world that looks exactly the same as mine but there's nobody around anymore, trying to figure out what to do

Salut! Love your new game.


Looks amazing!

X-Men Untitled

Looks amazing! I’m glad to see more superhero rpg’s!

Planet Farm

Me likey. Beautiful game and concept!

Tales from Underwall Market

This looks amazing! I suggest you boldly use the name of the actual game, specially on the title to call more attention to this promising project.


The game looks amazing and it looks like you’re putting lots of effort into it. Can’t wait to play the finished game!
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