Arbitrary damage cap

I have issues with traditional caps in that they arbitrarily alter what's good end game, compared to early game. Infamously, anything with multi-hits can hit for 9999 x hits, while any large single burst will only deal that first 9999. That agitates me and is irritating to balance games around.

I've always wanted to experiment with caps as a mechanic, though. Perhaps your party can build "cap" with certain actions, and then certain nukes will reset it to normal. It's a thought and would play out somewhat reminiscent of FFXIII stagger, probably. Not that that's bad.

Bravely Default was the most extreme example of this I ever saw. The balance is pretty good in the earlygame, but then you can start hitting close to 9999 reliably just over halfway through and from that point on, the plethora of pure damage-increasing options out there start to become completely obsolete compared to options that make you hit several times, or hit all enemies.

I really hope they remove the cap in the sequel.

Blog 39: Extensive Review by Drifloon

Oh, you posted this? Haha, well, it's mostly just me rambling endlessly, but yeah.

I'd like to add for anyone reading that it's incredibly full of spoilers, though, so you shouldn't read it if you haven't finished the game yet!

Seraphic Blue (English)

Interesting comments indeed! I love to see people's opinions on this game, it's definitely one of the most interesting games I played in a while. You're certainly right that it puts most professional RPGs to shame in terms of thematic depth.

I wouldn't really agree that Vene contradicting herself is exactly a 'flaw', though. I mean, her whole character was about that internal conflict resulting from the fact that she was born in order to save the world and has no purpose other than that, but she herself has no conviction that life and existence are worth saving. I suppose you could say that she lacked development in the sense that she didn't change that much over the course of the game, but I think her development came more in the sense of the player gradually finding out how she became the way she is now and where her beliefs come from, I suppose. I certainly felt that my understanding of her character evolved more and more as the game went on, which felt really rewarding.

I personally thought the family's motivations were pretty interesting as well, especially Leona, but I also definitely understand why people would be repelled by their philosophy as well (as much of the party was, really). But I think that, if one reflects on people who are brought into existence only to undergo terrible suffering for their whole life - and there are certainly people born like that in our world - anyone with a heart would have to wonder, "Surely it would have been better if this person had never been born". It definitely makes sense to me how that feeling could become all-consuming to the extent that it did for that family, I think. But it's natural for people to have differing reactions to the sorts of things that are brought up in this game, which is part of what makes it interesting!

Seraphic Blue (English)

Um, not sure if it is right to ask this in comments, but I have lost all save data for this game due to a blue screen a long time ago. I still remember, that I was at the tower before the Second Fight with Virginie Gal. Would it be possible to ask if you have any save files upto that point?

Oh, I have one from around that point! Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zvqtft3twzb7ky2/Save01.lsd?dl=0

Blog 28: 2nd Half of Image/Text Playthrough of Seraphic Blue + What's Next for Me?

Wow, Aedemphia looks really pretty! I'd be interested in seeing the improved version of Seraphic Blue too, since I really like a lot of the concepts of the game's battle system and I'd love to see it reach its full potential.

Blog 26: Seraphic Blue is officially in Post-Translation Stage

Yaaay!! You've done an amazing job with translating such a huge game, it's incredible to think that it's so close to completion! Thank you so much for all your work!

[Poll] Your favourite magic element!

I like how three people voted "ELEMENTS:".

Blog 25: Image/Text Playthrough of Seraphic Blue

Oh wow, I'm surprised you found this! It was honestly only meant for the amusement of that specific community, so there are probably a lot of inside jokes and such in there that you wouldn't get, but I'm really glad you enjoyed it, anyway. (And I fully intend to keep going with it once the final version is out, of course!)

Seraphic Blue (English)

Yaaay only three episodes left!! So excited~~

Blog 22: Latest update to Seraphic Blue Progress

Ah, I'm sorry to hear that, I was kind of looking forward to it. But it's really great that you've worked on it for all this time, so thank you for all your hard work! Can't wait to play the final version!
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