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Poodle Can-Can by NewBlack

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introverts are just assholes who resent having to waste their precious time on other people. Extrovertas are assholes who can't stand being alone and make everyone do what they want
Atom Pulsar and the Rust...
A surreal adventure on a nearly deserted island!



Rad: the Game Review

I honestly spent more time on the jump events and game page logo than anything else... Thanks for the review!

In retrospect this was my first attempt at a side-scrolling game, despite my jokey intentions, and will one day serve as a tech demo for an actual game. The usage of button pressing, and maybe a charge up feature a la Mario Bros 3, would have been awesome, agreed. I think I joined the event late, and squeezed this out in a rush.

Super Smash Bros. Crusade Review

Maaaaybe I will! December is just around the corner, after all!

The Quest of Dude Review

Tee hee, how unexpected! Thanks for spending the time to play my shitty game. :D

The Quest of Dude III: The Omega Quest Review

I like that people keep picking one of my fastest made games to review.

Super RMN Bros. Review

Bob-Omb Facility was the best and probably will be the best thing I ever make in SMBX lol...

The Quest of Dude III: The Omega Quest Review

Thanks for the review!
All these bugs have been addressed in a forthcoming next edition. And Elements did a shit ton to increase the gameplay of battles. Haha, we were so rushed to put this out. Anyway, thanks again for the review!

Super Smash Bros. Crusade Review

I should have noted that my review was of an unfinished game, but that should be apparent. I found great use in Bomberman! He has good potential, and like I said, I destroyed storymode by spamming bomb slide.

So looking forward to DK. I've been playing this a bit since reviewing, really am looking forward to more dudes!

Wither Review

I don't see the big deal here. Someone has an opinion. Do you only play games that 1UP.com gives a solid review, or do you take what they say with a grain of salt? Do you take personal offense to someone badmouthing your favourite Final Fantasy game? Freedom of speech. If you don't like this review, get off your ass and write your own damn review.
-drops microphone and exits stage left-

Super RMN Bros. Review

I wish you could give it a scathing review also.

Befuddle Quest 5: Zack to the Future Review

Oh yeah... Those spikes!!! Those were the killers!
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