You can call me “D3”. I’m just a guy who makes games as a hobby. Not always good at it, but I always have fun!



Release date: May 27th

Kudos on the release. Can’t wait to play!

Monster Mash!

You have a knack for fun designs!

The First Izrand Blog

The concept of taking a character not very liked and giving them an expanded role is super interesting from a narrative perspective.

Lynette was my favorite character in Luxaren Allure, so while I can understand people not liking her, I think there's definitely an audience that will be intrigued by her as well.

I completely agree here

Soma Union v1.0.7. New Game+ and Vicious Difficulty Mode

My body is ready.

Or is it?

Soma Union: A Post-Release Look Back

It’s pretty cool to see you’re sticking with RPG Maker, I know you were considering other engines.

Thanks for the write up, it seems like you went through a lot of thought and introspection on your game dev journey and you learned a great deal.

I’m inspired by your work and reading journey helps me to eventually get my stuff out of my hard drive and eventually into a more public space lol

Soma Union is COMPLETE!

Congrats on the release!

What a great accomplishment.

IT'S OUT! Venaitura is available to purchase on Steam!

Congrats on the release! You get my money next paycheck

We've got a Trailer!

Youve done a great job with this!

Weird and Unfortunate is now available in Korean!!! :DDD

Congrats! This is cool and impressive!

Demo Launched!

Congrats on getting this out! I’ll have to give it a shot.