I'm just making games for fun, not to win prizes, make money etc.
If you don't like the game at all, just don't play it.
I make the games I want to play, and I want to share them with the world (or at least a very very very small part)

I'm 30, married, 3 children, work full time 7 days.

So everything I do does take LONG.
I just don't have all the time in the world :)
Fantasy RPG



Curse Of Chromia

In the first dungeon east of the castle, I can not find the third ornament to open the roof top door. I see a rope ladder on the east side of dungeon, do not know how to get to it.

There's only two ornaments, once you have both, you can use them to form the final ornament that opens the door. The ladder you see east will be visited later.


Who looks like a girl?

Testers Version: April 29, 2014

What was supposed to happen when we were urged to go back to the cave where we found the mushroom and would be surprised by what we find....I didnt find anything but a notice appeared saying something about the quest updated.

Also the moment I hit the sewers I get the: Data/Map 040 rvdata2.

When you enter the cave's second map there should be a new opening in the wall. Just found I forgot a setting in one of those events, this is gonna be fixed in a version in the near future, with more content.
The bug with data map 40 should only occur in the demo, as there the map does not exist, in the testers version it does. But since because of an error I made you can't even complete the cave, you also shouldn't be able to go to the sewers... All right, fixed a lot of bugs these weeks, stay tuned for the next version, it will have loads of more content (and possibly more bugs) for you to explore.

Note: I played myself until the first "chapter" (it goes sewers->woods->lava cave-> king's body->southern continent on a ship) is finished, and it works fine. So I hope you won't encounter any major bugs when I release this stuff, which is gonna be soon, probably this or next weekend.


Demo Update

As for the demo, you shouldn't be even able to enter the sewers... I didn't include the maps at all, after you met Clem and leave the castle, the credits should roll.

Demo Update

That is something very strange... The rings won't be automatically equipped, all accessories must be changed per hand, but at least it should exist. The money disappearing also should not happen, of course... I'll have a look at it but it might take some days, I have early shift this week so no time for working on the game.

Testers Version: April 29, 2014

at that point you should only have 2 party members... have you been to the cave and saved jayna?

Testers Version: April 29, 2014

In the northeast of the very last map (where they are in the cave, not the sewers anymore) there should be a "cloud" of some sort, there's the pure water.

Demo Update

I know I've sad this before, so I won't say it, instead: It SHOULD work as intended now, seems I uploaded the wrong file... Shame on me, I hope the demo works now...

Followers Control

Found a bug: If you control followers and later on try to get on a vehicle, it won't work.

Testers Version: April 29, 2014

And yes, I messed up the starting position, it is now fixed and I reuploaded it already... Sorry, I'm used to making the stupidest mistakes over and over ;)
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