Fable of Heroes I: Legen...
In the spirit of Dragon Quest, comes simple yet fun traditional J-RPG, full of secrets and treasure. *WARNING: THIS GAME IS NOT EASY*



Fable of Heroes II: The Dark Ritual

That goes for both, johntan2727 and fifacv.

Fable of Heroes II: The Dark Ritual

I honestly forget how to solve that puzzle, I'm really surprised ppl are still playing this game. I'm flattered TBH. I do apologize for replying so late, I rarely check this site.

If there is anyway you can provide a screen shot, I may be able to help you.


IDEAS? jesus that's a typo, i meant ITEMS!

Fable of Heroes I: Legendary Edition Review

All good points. I'm almost at a time in my life where I can develop a new RPG. I'll be taking in all the positive and negative feedback in to consideration.

Thanks for giving this game a try, it was really fun to make, and it was my first game ever I made that was finished.

Fable of Heroes III: The Starcrystal

I didnt get the debug blade so I can see how the game is meant to be played, and apparently I wasnt meant to get far in this game. Random encounters can easily kill you if you dont heal fully, but they dont drop enough money to cover inn costs. The game also seems to be inspired by the chrono trigger/cross games.

You are very right about the inspiration. Unfortunately, I lost the project file for this game so I'm never gonna be able to finish it. But I have plans to remake/reboot it, using similar ideas of branching paths based off the Chrono series.

Pixel Game Maker MV!!

I was hoping they would make more genre specific makers.. Platformer maker.. Beatemup maker.. so on and so forth.
But instead, they keep trying to make an all in one maker and lumping different genres together into one genre as "action" .. noooooooooo
I even went to their facebook page, AND their website to let them know this was tried before with IG Maker (also known as the first Action Game Maker) and told them why it failed..
I would hope kadokawa would learn, but I guess not..
I've been working on my own product for some time now, to compete with the 'Makers'. (But since this is my first post here, I'm not going to self-promote too much an put links here, unless you ask. Also sorry if I sound too pretentious, because I know I haven't proven myself yet)

You are absolutely right that the maker needs to be genre specific. Only then can you have a really easy to use maker. When you allow anything to be customized, this doesn't even put real limits of what you can make in the end.

Since I'm going to compete with RPG Maker and the likes, I'm always following their new releases closely. And to be honest, this Pixel Game Maker announcement makes me very happy (probably in the wrong sense ;)).

First of all this is Windows only. It's 2018, so why the hell is this Windows only? It's nowadays so easy to make programs multiplatform, so why would you technically limit yourself to Windows only? Great news for me! ;)

They are using flowcharts, which look nice at first sight, but when you actually want to do sometime practical with them, you end up with this:

Good luck with that!

So yeah, I see this as a continuation of their IG Maker path, which is nothing really special.

In my opinion, they have a nice product with RPG Maker, but they continue to drop the ball on the rest, and even on taking RPG Maker to its full potential.

What is your email? How can I use your maker? I want to make an adventure platformer (metroid-vania), and an RPG MAKER styled version of that sounds good.

IG Maker was bad, and this PIXEL Gamer maker has me smh. If you can out do them, I will give you my business.

My email is Dustsoft@gmail.com

Fable of Heroes II: The Dark Ritual

I enjoyed Fable of Heroes II, too, but there are still at least two gamebreaking bugs that should be fixed:

Taking the teleport in the cave east of Tala (to the tower where the Red-Heart Stone was) once again later gets the player stuck, because the teleport back that worked the first time doesn't work anymore (this is probably a side effect of having fixed a bug mentioned by kalledemos on page 1). Disabling the teleport in the cave east of Tala after the first use should solve this issue.

Tower that contains the Yellow-Fang Stone (where the first switch is located that unlocks the passage subsequent to the ice-sliding "puzzle"): If the player backtracks after he has pushed the snowballs away, he will become stuck, since the snowballs are reset to their original position after leaving the map and can't be pushed again (this is the bug alexjones50 mentioned on page 2).

Thank you for playing and letting me know about these bugs. As soon as I get windows install on my Mac, I can start fixing these issues. I plan on re-designing Fable Of Heroes but with a better game Engine, but using the skills I have now. I made Fable Of Heroes I in 2008. It's now 2018 and I'm 33, I feel like I could kill it now if I re did fable of heroes in RPG maker MV. Making it from the ground up.

Fable of Heroes I: Legendary Edition

I nearly didn't play this game, but then I thoroughly enjoyed it. Balanced gameplay, a great sense of exploration, fulfilling rewards for exploring - these are things that many JRPGs nowadays don't feature (in contrast to Fable of Heroes I). And the fight against the Demon King is easily one of the most epic RPG maker boss battles of all time. In case you ever want to further polish your entertaining game, Dustsoft, here's a list with a few improvement suggestions:

Sequence breaking: When Vael is visited before completing the initial violet flower quest, the cutscene is triggered nonetheless. Maybe the bridge leading north should be impassable before the violet flower quest has been completed (it seems that completing this quest isn't even - technically - necessary to beat the game). Otherwise, it's possible, e.g., to recruit Tac early (but if the player does this, the Vael cutscene won't trigger - thankfully, later events will trigger correctly).

Poison shows its effects outside of battles, but does it show any during battles?

Ariel: Shouldn't her skill "sleepmore" (puts all enemies to sleep; 4 MP) cost more than her skill "sleep" (puts an enemy to sleep; 4 MP)? The same applies to Ariel's/Alec's skill "Cure" (cures a party member's status ailments; 1 MP; learned when reaching level 23/28) in relation to her/his skill "Detoxify" (cures poison for one person; 2 MP).

Despite being a single-target spell, the description of Ariel's skill "Cold Stone" creates the impression that it's a multi-target spell.

When employed on living party members, the skill "Vivify" (only) works as a weak healing spell, which strikes me as odd.

The Crystal Ring, which is supposed to prevent all status ailments, doesn't prevent instant death (although the Crystal Shield prevents instant death, but there seems to be only one throughout the entire game).

The sign in the first town reads "Mazor", but isn't the town's name "Mazer"? Or is it "Mazar" like in Fable of Heroes II?

The priest in Mazer can also be talked to by "talking" to the cross from the left or right side.

The old guy in Vael (inn) takes all Essences of Fire, even though he only needs 10. Fortunately, I saved beforehand, so I could reload and sell excess Essences of Fire for 125 Gold each before completing the side quest.

Saroh church: There's a horizontal tile line that isn't solid. Thus, the church can be entered from behind. Other obstruction mapping mistakes include dragon statues and cross-shaped wall dents in dungeons.

While it doesn't matter in the end, the party shouldn't be able to ask Oldrich about the Seed of Evil before having spoken to the king after the rescue of the princess.

Tac and Mika solo part in the final dungeon: When the player backtracks via the stairs after having defeated Gustave and then returns, Gustave's light (the parting gift that should be inside Mika) now rests on his throne.

Thank you so much for all this inisght, bless you!

Fable of Heroes I: Legendary Edition Review

Wow, thanks man... I didnt think people still played this one. I'm working on Fable of Heroes 3 right now. Thanks for playing my game.

Fable of Heroes I: Legendary Edition

Looks like I'm near the end of this one!
I have played this game about 3 years ago so I have forgotten lots details of the game but I'm pretty sure that you are enjoying the game if you have been able to reach the very later part of it! Really solid game still I love. :D

Thank you. There are a lot of flaws in this game, but I'm glad there are die hard oldschool fans that still love this type of challenge.